Pax 2011 Live Stream List

Pax is in full swing in Seattle and if you’ve got some free time I’ve got a list of streams so you can keep up with what’s going on. Some of these streams are holding contests.

Featuring casts from, Capcon, NZXT Gaming, Alienware Arena, Turtle Beach, BioWare TV, Guild Wars 2 Live, Gamebreaker TV, Notch streaming Minecraft 1.8 from his phone & Gamespot’s PAX Prime 2011 Keynote. Also an Image stream link is included.

PAX Prime 2011 Keynote

Gamespot Coverage

PLEASE NOTE: This broadcast will be using the GameSpot LiveCam technology, and may be subject to internet connectivity issues and possible cancellation.


Watch live video from realnotch on
Stream videos at Ustream

RealNotch playing Minecraft

As people play random people are being asked to give their impressions of the game so far.


Stream videos at Ustream

Unity Events

At the time of this post they were showing Street Fighter vs Tekken gameplay.

NZXT Gaming

Watch live video from nzxtcorp on!/NZXTCorp

As of this post their Stream which was scheduled to be on hadn’t started yet.

Alienware Arena

Watch live video from alienwarearena on!/Alienware

At the time of this post they were streaming a Team Deathmatch of Blacklight Retribution.

Turtle Beach

Watch live video from Turtle Beach on

Turtle Beach LIVE from PAX with Kona and Jeff!

At the time of this post, they were interviewing developers. NOTE: They are doing random contests on their stream.

BioWare TV

Live Q&A with Casey Hudson

BioWare TV is an official channel for BioWare to discuss our games with our fans. Mass Effect 3 coverage and more.

Guild Wars 2 Live

Watch live streaming video from guildwars2live at

Publishing HD footage of Guild Wars 2 gameplay

This is a fan operated livestream for everything about Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars Classic. Visit our website at in order to join our chatroom. We also stream other games of interest while waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2- NOTE: Current video is of Gamescom 2011. They’re working on getting a stream setup from Pax 2011.

PAX Live 2011 – 2pm PST!

PAX Live 2011 – 2pm PST!

Once this goes live it will be covering GW2.

Gamebreaker TV

Watch live video from gamebreakertv on

GBTV Streams Start at 6pm

Assasins Creed Panel & More

Live Image Stream @

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