New direction for Massvio

I have been insanely busy with other projects and I more or less abandoned Massvio in the fall of 2011. My original goal was to create a gaming site that rivaled the established brands. Once the money ran out and I had no source of income for this site I have to face reality and move on.

Though through-out the past months since walking away I have often thought about how to re-engage my interest in this site. The amount of people who come to this site daily is still above 200. It amazes me that it is that high since an original article of any real worth hasn’t been published since early 2012.

The one thing that drove my passion for this site was helping fellow gamers through tutorials. I believe if my interest is to return to this site that is the pivot I’ll have to make. Although I haven’t proved my assumption, I believe it to be correct.

With massive updates planned for games I love, Terraria, Minecraft, and others. Expect to see some new tutorials and top 10 type posts. This time around I’ll have a legitimate manager helping me grow the site with quality content.