Founded in July of 2011 the original point of the site was to promote Let’s Play Authors and give them a community. As we made our way through July to August we began to realize that we wanted to do more than just post videos on a daily basis so we moved into original content publishing.

Massvio has shifted from its original vision to its current state through a discovery process which explored our passion for gaming. The result of this process has shown us that creating original content editorials that have a clear message and point from seasoned writers is where our future lies. You will still see other types of articles which may high-light patch notes from some of our favorite games from time to time or interviews with Let’s Play Authors and a couple other small post types but we’re here to make a difference.

Everyone involved on this site is a Redditor. For us by us to a degree is how we think of ourselves. We’re always scouting for new writing talent to join our ranks. If you like what you see here and want to join us or know someone else who would send us an email to media@massvio.com


We are in the midst of figuring out our Advertising strategy. We would prefer to run some highly focused ads which are not considered intrusive by our visitors. If you or your company have some interest in running Ads on our site contact Nate Chapman at media@massvio.com

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