10 Categories but easily 20 or more overlooked tips inside.

Bethesda Game Studios has ruined the past few weekends for me and anyone else who works. I imagine if you don’t have a job you might be done with this game by now. If you fit the first scenario and want some tips on some of the easily overlooked things about Skyrim then you found the right place for a great list.

1. The Dragonstone

Hello?.. Dragon

This small piece of heaven shows you where every single dragon spawn in Skyrim is. Shown on the maps as the Yellow stars. You get it so early on in the game that it is very easy to overlook later. After all there is a mind-boggling amount of content to get through.There is a guide on the Wiki.

2. Master Enchanting

One free School

How important is enchanting in the Skyrim? Once you have mastered it, it becomes very apparent how important it can be. Take for example if you are a Warrior and you had enough insight to set aside a nice set of Mage gear during your travels, enchant that entire set with a Fortify or Fortify Destruction, for example. Fortify Destruction is one of the most expensive enchants but simply by enchanting just 4 pieces with it you will have a set of cloth you can now equip which will grant you 100% free spell casting without any Magica cost.

Warrior! Mage… guy.

Yes, this means you can turn you battle hardened Warrior into a Mage with 1 set of gear with zero points into any Magica tree.

3. The Small Things


Detail is adding those small things that might not affect the greater outcome of a game but add small perks to the game that helps drive the immersion of your experience. Try these next time you find yourself in this situation.

  • When you sit down at a table at an Inn a waitress will properly wait on you.

  • Weight actually matters. Remove heavy items from your victims in order to move their bodies.

  • Play Tag With Kids. A message will appear when you have been tagged. Just tag someone to keep it going.

  • If you drop a weapon when there are people around they will sometimes fight each other for it.

  • Skyrim’s Sound is incredible and it extends to even running around barefoot.

  • Holding alt makes your horse gallop. Control for Console/PC

4. Companions

Professional Door Blockers

This can one of the most frustrating things in a game. NPCs just don’t know when and when not to move. Try these solutions.

  • You can run into them which will often knock them back and out-of-the-way.

  • You can love tap them with your weapon.

  • By using your interact button, E by default, you can ask them to move.

  • You can walk into them and after a brief couple of seconds they will just move out of your way.

Quickly! Fetch me a bone.

Pressing and holding the E key on your follower, you go straight to the “I need you to do something” without having to talk.

The, I want murder you in your sleep, look.

Companions will do more for you if they like you. One sure-fire way to get a Female companion to hate you is if you are constantly sneaking around, and perhaps by accident, continually back into them.

5. Torturing until it Pays

Let me get my tools out.

The quest, Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head…, has you talk to Speak to Delvin Mallory in the Ragged Flagon in Riften. Only after you have purchased the torture chamber will the NPC’s spawn. So the next time you find yourself in the Dawnstar Sanctuary break out your tools and wait for the confessions to come pouring out. The trick is you don’t actually have to do anything other than talking to them and threatening them. If you are feeling especially evil that day you can go ahead and torture them.

Evil Bonus Round

You can level up your One & Two Handed Weapons on the poor bastards as long as you keep them alive by healing them. Also works with destruction and restoration magic.

Your Reward

You can receive up to: 2000 gold, 1000 gold, 2000 gold, 1200 gold, and the directions to the locations.

6. Quickly restock any Merchant

Could be a bug

Sometimes your bags are full and you want to unload. The only problem is not all the merchant NPC’s have enough money to buy all your goods. One way to solve it would be to sell everything. Save your game. Kill the NPC. Load the save and if it hasn’t been fixed, the NPC will be there will all the money he had previous to your offload.

7. The Map and Questing


Open the Quest log while viewing the map. Highlight any quest object by placing your cursor over it. Press M and it will Zoom you into the location of the objective.

8. Console Commands

I’ll take that, um that and.. that.

How do you spawn items using the console?

  • player.additem f “[insert number of septims desired]”

  • player.additem a “[insert number of lockpicks desired]”

Use either command above with other item codes. By conducting a Google search you can find lists with item numbers. One example: Hide Boots. 00013910

Open the console and type, player.additem 00013910 1 = player.additem [itemcode] [amount you want]

Looking up an item with Help

They built your own [wowhead] into the game for Skyrim. Search for any Item, Enchantment, Spell, Perk, or NPC, in the console with the following syntax:

  • help “[search term]” [filter level]

The “” are only necessary if whatever you type has a space in it. Use 0 for the filter level, it goes from 0-4. An example, if you’re searching for ebony axe, type:

  • help “ebony axe” 0 or help wolf 0

Teleport to Purgatory

Teleport to a person you killed. Lydias, for example; player.moveto a2c94


Want an easy way out? Type, killall, into the console to kill everything around you.

9. Foxes lead you to secrets

Only the nice ones

These guys can be found at various times during your travels. Instead of ignoring them try following them instead. If you get caught up in some combat of any sort they will wait for you. Eventually they will lead you to a place of interest or some hidden treasure.

10. Inheritance

Oh, hey.. I found that broom I stole, er someone stole from your closet.

Just so happens that if an NPC in Skyrim knows your character and you are in good standing with them they could leave you their home if they die. Below is a small list of the known bequeathers in Skyrim.

  • Adrianne Avenicci

  • Alfhild Battle-Born

  • Amren

  • Angrenor Once-Honored

  • Aela the Huntress

  • Benor

  • Captain Lonely-Gale

  • Giraud Gemane

  • Hofgrir Horse-Crusher

  • Pavo Attius

  • Rustleif

  • Lydia

  • Severio Pelagia

  • Farengar Secret-Fire

  • Embry

  • Uthgerd the Unbroken

  • Evette San

  • Edda

  • Brenuin

26 Replies to “10 commonly overlooked things about Skyrim”

  1. Omegastar2

    The ‘fox-leads-you-to-hidden-treasures’ thing is bullshit. Ofcourse you will eventually come across something interesting if you walk in random directions long enough, nothing to do with the fox.

    • Hi

      Actually, all npcs in this game have a preset pathing, and many idle creatures, are pathed to loot or specific areas, the makers of the game have made paths for every creature to walk in the areas, so the creature will randomly pick one of those paths to make it seem like it’s happily walking around like any normal creature. Though if you follow it, it will eventually reset it’s path, it does this once it reaches the end of its path, and the developers of the game obviously made it really easy on themselves by making all the paths crisscross inbetween landmarks and specific areas in the game so they wouldn’t have to handpick each area in the game they go, they just piggybacked on others work of placing all the areas. You can see this is the truth by looking in the creation kit. (:

  2. a friend

    wow, really guys? a simple list of interesting things to find in a game, and all you can do is bitch at each other over which system is better? Grow up, you are acting like hateful children.

    Either way, its a great list. Its nice to see other people notice the small things, this game has fantastic levels of immersion. 🙂 the graphics alone are enough to make one stop and stare at the world.

  3. Derelix

    loved these lists for GTA 4 (never knew I could actually hold Triangle or Y to turn off the car completely) and I love this one even more. Will have to try these out.

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  5. Ergw

    You forgot another overlooked thing: The password for the claw doors is always written in the claws, whioch can be rotated and examined in the inventory screen.

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