Ten? more like 15! It’s hard not to include everything. Details inside.

I have compiled a list of the 10 best new additions brought forth from the Terraria 1.1 Patch. Being that Terraria 1.1 is less than a week old, Massvio will be posting a few more articles over the next week about 1.1.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of what I believe to be the best of the best.

  • 1. Dart Traps

    • Five Deep

    • This happens to be my personal favorite and in large part why it’s number 1. The exciting thing about Dart Traps is they can damage and in some cases kill Zombies, Slimes and every other mob including friendly NPCs if they get trapped within your setup.

    • The Setup

    • Planning is important here, where will you setup your trap? Somewhere where mobs will easily walk into them like in a pit or perhaps at the top ground level. Follow my example or be creative and come up with your own idea. To get started you will need a Wrench, some Wire, a few Pressure Plates and some Dart Traps. Dart Traps can only be found in the world dungeon. More on where to get the other items below in number 2.

    2. Reforge

    • The Goblin Tinkerer

    • The Goblin Tinkerer is a new NPC which is only available once you defeated a Goblin Army. He will randomly spawn near you if you are exploring or can be found in the world dungeon. Set him free and provide housing so he can move in. Just talk to him and select Reforge, then drop an item into the box and click on the small hammer icon next to the Reforge window.

    • Enchants

    • While Reforging is not perfect at the moment this feature is a great addition to the game. This feature gives the user the power to modify a Weapon or an Accessory(trinket) by adding additional stats to the item. Not being perfect is the fact that you cannot control which stats get buffed directly because each enchant is randomly generated. The only way to get the stats you want on an item is to spend gold. So you may start with a normal item with no stats and after your first Reforge you may end up with something slightly worse but often times slightly or much better. The new enchant adds value to the item so it will be more expensive to Reforge the second time.

    The Terraria Wiki has a list of enchantment possibilities.

    3. Accessory Combination

    • Tinkerer’s Workshop

    • Another great addition to the game is being able to take your best accessories and combined two of them to make one super accessory. There are limitations on what can be put together, but once you purchase and place a Tinkerer’s Workshop you will be able to see a list of possibilities only after you have un-equipped your accessories and placed them into free spots within your inventory. Some of the best ones in my opinion are: taking an Obsidian Skull and a Cobalt shield which makes an Obsidian Shield on combination; Hermes Boots plus Rocket Boots equal Spectre Boots; Mana Flower if you are a caster, Mana Potion plus Nature’s Gift.

    4. Hardmode

    • Softcore

    • Hardmode not Hardcore. Though you can do both, good luck with that. This is active once the boss Wall of Flesh has been defeated. Hardmode turns on and everything in your world changes. Every mob with the exception of a very few get buffed with more Health Points and more punch. If you are not careful you can get 4 shotted by mobs you once easily destroyed in 2 hits. Now they’ve got the upper hand and you will need to pay attention to them.

    • Who’s the Man?

    • The good news is that once you upgrade your armor to Cobalt or Mythril older bosses like Eye of Cthulhu/Destoyer of Worlds will hit like little girls. I fought Eye of Cthulhu and was taking -1 HP hit per hit.

    5. Shift

    • Auto Tool

    • Shift is such a welcome change that it has effected the way I do things. Basically if you didn’t know, next time you’re going to chop some trees down, instead of switching to your axe, hold down shift while your mouse is over the tree and your axe will appear in your hands. This handy little trick also works switching between Torches and Glow Sticks, and switching between your any item and your Drill.

    6. Lighting Control

    • Eff Nine

    • F9 is your magic key to control Light itself! There are 4 modes now. Each one adds its own effect to the way the lighting system displays things around you. Having the new RGB(red, green, blue) system on makes your housing area look really cool. On the other hand it can make searching for specific Ore painful. Rotate through the 4 options by pushing F9.

    7. Angel Wings

    • Want the ultimate flying experience? This item is only obtainable once you have entered Hardmode. There are a couple of steps you need to do before this item is able to be crafted.

    • Soul of Light

    • Find the Hallow biome just above the Underworld layer. Wall off an area like the one in the picture and farm some Underworld mobs that die while you are inside the Hallow area. This is by far the easiest way to farm Soul of Light. For a challenge you an always do it the harder way by exclusively killing just Hallowed mobs.

    • Soul of Flight

    • When you are ready build up to a floating island or simply get as high into the atmosphere as possible. Besides being hounded by Harpies while you are up there a large dragon thingy or a Wyvern that looks like Falkor from The Never Ending Story will fly down to meet you. His HP is at 4k. His fight mechanics work in the same way as the Destroyer of Worlds but he is much quicker and harder to avoid. Upon his death he will drop between 5 and 9 Souls.

    • Crafting

    • You need 10 bars of Mythril to make a Mythril anvil in order to craft the Wings.

    • Noteworthy

    • Holding down your space bar will prolong your flight and glide you into the place you’re going to land. The Wings will also act as a Lucky Horseshoe and negate fall damage.

    8. Special Moon Mobs

    • Werewolves

    • Werewolves!? YES! When you have a Full Moon they are as common as Zombies. Though they aren’t as easy to kill as you might expect as they have 400 HP. I haven’t seen a costume drop yet but they are supposed to drop a Werewolf costume that is wearable during Full Moons. Farm however you like but they might be a good candidate for your Dart Traps.

    • Clowns

    • During a Blood Moon it is best to leave your home area and find a nice staging ground you can feel safe in if you are going to engage the baddies. Clowns will spawn and they will drop bombs. A couple of them can easily destroy your housing area if you are close enough to home.

    9. New Tools

    • No more Pickaxe

    • Cobalt Drill, Mythril Drill, and Adamantite Drills are all relatively cheap to make costing 15 bars each with the Adamantite Drill coming in at 18. Their power is 110%, 150%, and 180% respectively. Compare that to your old Molten Pickaxe which as you may remember is at 100% Pickaxe power.

    • Electric Axe?

    • Cobalt Chainsaw, Mythril Chainsaw, and Adamantite Chainsaw are cheaper in bar cost than the Drills but you will be using these less unless you run a tree farm. They are 10 bars, 15 bars, and 12 bars and 70%, 85%, and 100% powered, respectively.

    • The Ultimate Power-tool

    • The Hamdrax combines all the new tools plus 5x Soul of Fright, 5x Soul of Might, and 5x Soul of Sight. It guarantees that you will be able to break any tile with 1 hit. If you are at this point in the game then I don’t need to explain anything to you. Though I will say collecting the Fright and Might will only happen once you have killed the Hardmode bosses which are very difficult and nearly impossible to solo.

    10. Lever

    • Wired

    • The main reason I left out Statues is because there are so many to cover AND they would be useless without a Lever. Levers are like Dart Traps where they need to be wired up to work. You wont need to manually switch it back and forth to create an infinite loop for your Christmas lights or other creative uses.

    • Mob Spawners

    • These are merely to have fun with and to collect some mats. The mobs that spawn won’t however drop money which is kind of a bummer because Reforging is so expensive. I included a video below of a Slime Spawner which can help fund your expensive flame thrower ammo requirements.

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