DC Universe adds 2 new modes, Free and Premium. Classifies its monthly subscription model.

DC Universe Online is a MMORPG that is brought to life in the DC World. Players can choose to align themselves with either the path of righteousness, or a path of destruction. The unique approach of DCUO is appealing because the plot line has both factions fighting for one common goal. As per your typical MMORPG, you can basically play this game however your heart desires. Complete the main goals and progress through the game, or do side quests as you please and level your hand-made hero or villain.

This all sounds great! But wait, it just got even better! DC Universe Online is officially Free to Play and Free to download, so everyone get their favorite pair of tights ready and dawn your cape. Sony Online Entertainment has listened to the cries of the fans and has responded accordingly.

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Of course it would be silly to think that the ENTIRE game would be 100% free. SOE and Co. will still be making money in the form of micro transactions in the game. They have announced a 3 tier package, each with different benefits. And to those who have bought a lifetime or yearly subscription, do not worry, Sony has not forgotten about you. Each tier has its own advantages, and of course the entry-level package (the free one) is the most basic, but hey who is complaining? We are able to play for free now.

The three tiers are as following:

  • Free

  • New players will have access to the current things in DC Universe Online. This includes Gotham City, Metropolis and all of the current raids and alerts. They are allowed two character slots, be able to join a league and have access to a slew of other benefits. Free players will have the ability to purchase DLC, updates, powers, and expand their number of character slots through micro transactions.
  • Premium

  • Anyone who has spent a minimum of $5 will obtain the level of Premium access. This level gives players extra benefits over the free players which basically comes down to extra character slots, inventory slots and other things. Same as before if you desire to download any DLC, updates, or purchase extra character slots, you will need to pay for these in-game.
  • Legendary

  • The highest tier of subscription features all of the bells and whistles. Basically you continue to pay the previously established $14.99 a month and you get access to all DLC and updates at zero cost, as well at 15 character slots, more than 80 inventory slots and the ability to form unrestricted-sized leagues as well as many more benefits.

“We decided ‘Let’s listen to them [the customers]. I don’t know about you, but my credit card statement every month is this amalgam of s*** of MMOs that I’m too lazy to cancel. What we want is to offer people a way to not worry about that.” -,” said John Smedley, SOE president.

The president of SOE has also stated that this transition to Free to Play is NOT a result of loss of subscribers. He also says that they see the benefits of free to play over using a subscription because the people will be more inclined to pay for in-game items and powers using micro transactions, than commit to a $15 a month contract.

In a world where money equals power, does the same translate into the DC Universe world? In a word, no. While you can purchase items that are powerful, there is no reason to fear about people using their wallets as a form of advancing quickly. It has already been confirmed that the most powerful items will NOT be for sale. Yes, powerful items can be purchased, but they can also be obtained for free by naturally advancing through the game.

Well I know for sure that the entire reason many people lost interest in this amazing game was the $15 price tag per month. Now that you can play 100% of the game for 100% free if you choose to, there is no reason to avoid this great game! DC Universe Online can be downloaded through their website for PC, or through the PlayStation Network for PS3.

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