Ashy continues her installment covering the series of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, with more action, drama and intense battle coverage. Join her for the beginning of the battle!

In this installment of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, I will tell you about first Chapter, how the Battle Begins, the weapon triangle, visiting classes, and types of weapons. (Sorry I haven’t updated in a month, guys, I’ve been busy with school.) Anyways, Ike finally gets his first job as a mercenary fighting off bandits in the nearby village of Caldea. He is joined by Boyd, Oscar (Boyd’s older brother), and Titania, who is the company’s deputy commander and leads you under her command.

Now, as you start the battle, you’ll get a lesson from Titania about the weapon triangle. Picture a triangle with a sword at the top, an axe on the bottom right, and lance on the bottom left. Then, draw arrows pointing in a clockwise direction from each weapon to the next. Swords are strong against axes, but weak against lances. Axes are strong against lances, but weak against swords. And to top it off, lances are strong against swords, but weak against axes. That’s the weapon triangle! So if you wield a sword against a foe with an axe, you have an advantage over that enemy. Bows do not apply to the weapon triangle at all, so keep that in mind.

Visiting is also something Titania kinda explains. (Not really, she just mentions it, and then a window pops up asking if you would like Anna to tell you about visiting). Any time you are on a map that has houses or taverns with open doors, you can move your units in front of them to visit the locals. When you talk to them, they will give you something! It can be anything, like a weapon or a usable item like a vulnerary, etc. Some items are really useful, so I would advise you not to throw them away. But also REMEMBER! Enemies can go to those buildings too–either bandits will destroy the buildings and prevent you from entering, or a thief will come and steal the item before you get there.

Oh, there’s also one other thing. You’ll notice in the top left corner of the screen (under the terrain bar) it will show you what turn you are on and your objective of the chapter. In this chapter, the objective is “Seize”, which is where you must put Ike on that red glowing square and clear the map. There are different types of objectives, like “Arrive”, which is basically the same as “Seize,” only you can put any character on the glowing square besides Ike, or “Rout” which means you must defeat all of the enemies on the map.

I should also tell you about the different classes, but I’ll just start with the ones you get as you go along. Ike is the only unit you have who is in the Ranger class, wielding only swords. In previous Fire Emblem games, Rangers were mounted units who could wield both swords and bows, and were considered to be popular with nomadic characters. They changed it, I guess. Anyways, Ike will eventually be promoted to the Lord class, and he’s much more powerful than before. In fact, if you level him up all the way to a level 20 Lord, he could easily be one of the strongest units in your party. Now Boyd is in the Fighter class, who are powerful, I’ll admit, but they don’t have very good accuracy or defense. A lot of times when I would use Boyd, he would miss the enemy, and they would strike back, and I would always have to heal him. I stopped using Boyd, but I have heard from other players that once you level him up to the Warrior class, he’s much better and can be a powerhouse because of his ability to use both axes and bows after he changes classes. Oscar is a lance knight, which is basically a mounted unit that wields lances. What’s cool about mounted units is they can usually attack twice in a battle, and after the battle, they can move again, depending on how far you moved them the first time in that same turn. It helps a lot when planning a strategy, because I sometimes use Oscar and Titania together for guerrilla warfare like in chapter 5. After Oscar is promoted to Paladin, he will have the option to also use either swords or bows. Titania is already a Paladin when you get her, so she can’t change classes again in this game. She has the ability to use both axes and lances.

Some weapons are made of different metals. The most basic metal in this game is iron. If you want to wield something stronger, then make sure you have a high enough weapon level. I think you have to be at the C level in order to wield steel weapons and either the B or A level to wield silver weapons. There are also “slim swords” which are wielded by female characters. They’re a little weaker than iron, but easy to wield. To increase your weapon level, just level your units up in general. There are also some special weapons in the game that, while I’m not sure what they’re made of, are really powerful and even enhance some of your unit’s stats, like skill or the chance for a critical hit.

I feel now I should explain the plot of Fire Emblem. It takes place on the continent of Tellius, and there are two races that inhabit it: the Beorc (human) and the Laguz (demi-human). For centuries the two races have struggled to get along with each other and overcome their differences. Ike, the main character of the story, is a young beorc mercenary in the northwestern kingdom of Crimea. One day, without warning, the eastern kingdom of Daein invades, and the king and queen of Crimea are slain.  Elincia, the princess of Crimea, turns to the Greil Mercenaries for help and asks them to be her escorts to the Laguz country of Gallia after the royal knights escorting her were all killed by Daein soldiers. The mercenaries agree and escort her, but they don’t know that this war will be bigger than they had ever imagined. Now I’m not going to spoil the rest, because no one likes a spoiled plot twist!

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