Minecraft Beta 1.9 pre-release 5 was released by Mojang, patch notes inside.

Mojang just hours ago on Oct 27, 2011 released Minecraft Beta 1.9 pre-release 5. Grab a download link below.

Credit goes out to the many users of Minecraft on reddit. Some but not all are mentioned here. Zarith7480, meesebyte, B1ueStarfish, theriverotter, dg200, Pupetteer, and epsy.

Download 1.9 Pre-release 5

Right click and chose Save As..

Jens Bergensten
So here is Beta 1.9 pre-release 5:

Normal Version

Server Version


  • Block of iron texture is changed.
  • You now have mushroom biome grass in your creative inventory.
  • Fence Posts no longer connect to leaves.
  • More achievements.
  • Images overview of more AchievementsList overview of more Achievements
  • Annoying Stair glitch fixed.
  • Option to disable clouds in menu.
  • F6 = [x]smooth walking[x] It seems to allow you to fly straight but not up or down (works on survival). It acts as a noclip, lets you go through blocks deals you damage… Your Y co-ordinate doesn’t change.
  • F9 Adds a fixed camera angle. ( You can move this with I, J, K, and L)
  • Passive squid animation is now vertical.
  • Lily pads are no longer gray in inventory, have a tool tip.
  • In creative mode hostile mobs no longer attack you unless provoked, except for ghasts and spiders. NoteEnemies from spawners are still hostile.
  • Melon slice drops are back to normal!
  • Pressing “N” “M” “Y” “U” “O” and “H” changes depth of field and angles of camera.
  • You receive a warning when changing render distance to far.
  • Items retain their enchantments if chest is destroyed.
  • You can now look around without a mouse using: I, J, K, and L.
  • Slimes not restricted to y0-16 anymore.
  • Game Crashing piston glitch fixed.
  • Player bow drawback animation improved.
  • Silk touch does not work on spawners.
  • Instant Heal splash potions damage zombies.
  • Vertical Water physics are different. (Not sure if bug or otherwise)
  • Cool Enderdragon Death Animation.
  • Snow Golums visible!
  • Longer reach for mining as well as attacking.

Possible Changes

  • Grass seems slightly different, confirmation anyone? Confirmed
  • Overall performance seems to be better, less resource intensive.
  • Longer reach for fighting mobs. Confirmed
  • Terrain generation seems to have been tweaked.
  • Fences next to doors (and possibly other non-connecting blocks) will no longer block arrows or melee attacks at the cracks. NEEDS CONFIRMATION


  • Fences don’t keep animals in effectively.
  • You can connect 3 chests to each other.
  • Incomplete list Please report any bugs you find.

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