Minecraft is so close to launch, latest release candidate 2 download & notes inside.

Minecon is happening at the end of this week. It also means we will finally see the release of Minecraft 1.0. Though I imagine we’ll see a couple more release candidates after 2 before the full release of the game.

The big changes of this release besides all the bug fixes is they updated & added some new sounds to Minecraft. I have a list of videos below that go more into those for you guys.

Credit is due to some users of reddit for putting together the list of changes and bugs discovered below. Manlyarmpits, CilantroGamer, rehsarht, RedSquaree and pixelkids.

Download the Normal RC2

Download the Server RC2

  • New updates

  • Wooden doors, trapdoors now work correctly.
  • Enderman sounds
  • New hurt/death sounds for the player
  • New “hit” sounds
  • New explosion sounds
  • New item pickup sounds
  • New “toolbreak” sounds
  • New eating sounds
  • New arrow sounds
  • New blaze sounds
  • New XP pickup sounds
  • Quit game button!
  • Eggs spawn chicks instead of chickens.
  • New “toolbreak” particle effect.
  • Bows have durability.
  • Weapon bug from RC1 is fixed.
  • Shading on blocks in inventory!
  • Baby sheep inherit colors from their parents.

New Added Sounds

New Endermen Sounds

Drinking Milk, Throwing various items, Blaze, Magma Cube and Silverfish

Bows, Explosions and Doors/Chest

Same sounds as above without the crazy commentators

Videos of New Bugs

Glass & Mobs Bug

Piston & Redstone Bug

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