Ever wanted to just build something special and fun? Start out in these prime Minecraft village locations with these seeds.

I have staked out some pretty choice locations in Minecraft with some village seeds. Not only will you see the area itself but I grabbed some more screens of the surrounding area to give you an idea if it’s something you want to start with. I have used a couple of these in my past builds. Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below.

All these seeds work in Minecraft release candidate 2.

Download Minecraft release candidate 2

Seeds are listed with the number or name followed by some screenshots of the seed.


This is a small village surrounded by a desert with an ocean to one side.


This is one of the latest RC2 villages. As you can see they are now spawning with a 3 story stone house presumably meant for the player to make into a home. There is also a stronghold below the village, check the 3rd screen for a location.


The first screen is where you spawn. There is a very deep ravine between you and the village which you can’t quite see until you get to the edge of it. There is also a deep hole entrance immediately under the village which leads to a very large room quite far down.


Magnolia is a village in a desert next to some epic mountains as you can see part of in the second screen.


This a 2 building village next to a huge number of very interesting mountains which seem to be carved up and rounded up near their base.


This village sits on a grassy plain which is quite rare. There are a number of pigs and cows nearby with a deep ravine just outside of the village.

rain keeps fallin on my head

We end it with one of the best village spawns I’ve seen yet. Here you get 2 villages within a short walk from one another separated by a river. One of them is in some shallow water but can be easily modified.

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  1. wwwwwo

    One thing, bro. The “3 story house” that you assume to be provided as a player housing, is a church. I cannot believe you are that fuckin’ retarded. There is a priest in there, it is a tower. A fuckin’ church tower.

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