Greg, or Evil Napkin as some know him as gives us his opinion on Dungeon Defenders.

After 77 hours of gamelay I think I can give this one a fair recommendation. Now I’m a sucker for Tower Defender games because it’s lazy gaming, and I’m a lazy mother-fucker. But this game is really fun and I have to recommend it.

It’s just mayhem running around and keeping up with the game. It’s very colorful though and can be a little straining on the eyes. Just make sure to turn down the saturation in the graphics settings and that should help A LOT.

The game combines the fun of old school tower defense games. Adds some Smash TV fighting into it. And than adds a nice level-up system that allows you to boost your towers/defenses or your character. I’m hoping they decide to make a skill tree. Like adding small bonus types to each type of tower. Anyways… Friends!! I recommend this.


I do unranked servers and private games with friends. Don’t bother with the public. 😀

Paying the Bills

Buy and sell weapons/armor. Selling alot more since there are a ton of drops.

A quote from their Steam Profile about this game

Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG where you must save the land of Etheria from an Ancient Evil! Create a hero from one of four distinct classes to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning defenses and directly participating in the action-packed combat!

Customize and level your character, forge equipment, gather loot, collect pets and more! Take your hero through multiple difficulty modes and challenge/survival missions to earn more experience & even better treasure. Join your friends with 4-player online and local (splitscreen) co-op to plan your strategies together or compete in PvP Deathmatch.

Editors note: If you like Evil Napkins small review on Dungeon Defenders, leave a message so we can encourage his lazy ass to write more off the cuff reviews. I asked Greg to grab a video for the article and this is what he came up with.

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