I take a look at the exciting Orcs must Die game and run it through my own style review with a bit of Let’s play added in for good measure.

Orcs must Die is one of the most fun games I’ve played in the last few weeks and writing its review wasn’t all that hard. Though I should say that with holding down 2 jobs, I don’t get to play games that much, but don’t let that influence your decision-making process, because this is more than worth the 15 large ones I threw down to play this beast.

Getting started you’ll notice the awesome art direction Robot Entertainment chose to go in. It only gets better as you go.

One of the only drawbacks is the lack of multi-player. Kind of a bummer, as it would be great to join a friend for some friendly co-op action. Here’s hoping they decide to add it later.

Choose your flavor between Xbox and PC (Steam) versions. As for the PC side of things, there are currently 27 Steam achievements. Only 5 of which are a real challenge to do.

You have a choice of 3 difficulty settings: Apprentice, War Mage and Nightmare.There are a total of 24 levels in all with an added hardcore version in case you master War Mage. It’s fairly safe to say that they will release more in the future. Now whether they’ll be free or not is unknown at this point.

You have 7 slots on your hot-bar to fill up with under 5 items to choose from which consist of a ranged weapon, melee weapon, and 2 traps, for the first level.

As for the gameplay, you collect money to buy traps and other goodies. Your first experience in the field is standing in a single hallway with the ability pay to lay down some traps before you allow the horde to be released. Early weapons consist of a bow and a sword for melee. Playing both, the bow is by far the best choice because of its instant reload and the fact you can hold fire to spam arrows. Headshots will get you more points which equals more money.

Each wave you play you get a some cash you can spend building up your defenses or keep it for later. If your defenses are proving to be weak, you can always sell them at full value and devise a new strategy for the next wave with a new defensive structure.

Upgrades are a gating system based entirely on how well you can pwn face. The better you are at it, the more you get. The good news is you can go back and rehash any failed attempts to get more “skulls” which will help unlock more traps, skills and weapons.

  • If you want to get an idea on where you stand once you have played a couple levels check out their Steam Leaderboard

Lets start out the videos with the interactive trailer, following that will be John Bain’s WTF Is… series.

Interactive Trailer – Introduction – Orcs Must Die!

WTF Is…: Orcs must Die ?

SSoHPKC gives us 10 levels starting with:

Orcs Must Die Walkthrough Part 1: The Hallway

Jellykuf follows up where SSoHPKC left off with the level 11, the Chaos Chamber.

Don’t let his video playlist fool you, he’s recording 10-12 minute videos and 1 level spans almost 3 videos.

Let’s play Orcs Must Die! part 9

Let’s play Orcs Must Die! part 10

Let’s play Orcs Must Die! part 11

Ending with..

We end it with Mike’s BFF Report.

Episode 85 – Orcs Must Die!

Orcs Must Die is the latest in a short line of action tower defense games, and Mike B is here to break it down in this week’s BFF Report.

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