Ever since the news broke about Gordon Freeman being in Renegade Ops people have been falling over themselves in anticipation for this new overhead shooter.

According too various sources Renegade Ops will indeed let you select Gordon as one of the playable characters. Forget for a minute that you just heard that about this game cause looking over the visuals will surely be enough to get you to buy the game.

Some Xbox players were able to pick up a copy of this game for 1200MSP a couple of days before it was released on Steam. Below we have some of the newest art to be released and a few videos to whet your appetite until you pick up the game.

Let’s Play Videos

Let’s Play: Renegade Ops Part 1

The first part of my Let’s Play of Renegade Ops on Xbox 360 for Sega-Addicts.com! You can follow us on Twitter: @segaaddicts

Achievement Guides


The player is starting level 4 but you get a quick glance at the achievement system interface.

Achievement Guides – Renegade Ops Part I – Mega Kill Combo

The New Arcade Shooter from SEGA, can be downloaded now on the Xbox marketplace for 1200MSP

Achievement Guides – Renegade Ops Part II – Lord Master of Great Skill

All I can say is this game looks amazing and this video of the Mine really brings out some great visuals.

Gordon Freeman Footage

Renegade Ops Gordon Freeman Playable Character Trailer

Check this out. Watch the video. See that car? Recognise it? Well you should, it’s Gordon Freeman driving the Half-Life 2 buggy! Renegade Ops is an arcade shooter in a vehicle and the PC version due out on Steam on the 14th of October has Gordon Freeman as a playable character. Written by Avalanche Studios, the people who brought us Just Cause and Just Cause 2, the game is a marked step away from their usual titles.

We’ll be back in a few days with a LP post, until then enjoy the game.

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