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Sonic Generations is SEGA’s way to celebrate 20 years of Sonic. Basically what this game boils down to is an epic remake of an original and classic game.

As Sonic and friends are celebrating his birthday a new enemy appears before them, sucking them up and sending them through time to different parts of Sonic’s history. Sonic is in search of his friends and he ends up meeting a past form of himself. Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic must team up and travel through their past to save their future.

The gamplay seems to be pretty in-depth. You will traverse through the Classic, Dreamcast and Modern eras as either Modern or Classic Sonic. Which Sonic you choose will dramatically change your gaming experience. If you go with the Classic version, you will find that he has different abilities than his Modern day twin. Modern Sonic utilizes the move set from the more recent console Sonic games, such as Sonic Unleashed, while the Classic keeps it simple with the Spin Attack and Spin Dash.

Sonic Generations – Green Hill – Classic

There are two modes in Sonic Generations. The first is the classic side scrolling 2D adventure game we all know and love, but it is re-mastered in high Definition. The same addicting gameplay is utilized, but being much more beautiful, it has the potential to reel in new customers. It will also make the longtime fans of the series to nostalgia hardcore. It seems as if SEGA is taking the Nintendo formula for remaking games, but applying it with a twist. This allows players to experience new content whilst enjoying the basics that we all grew to love years ago.

Sonic Generations – Green Hill – Modern

Alright so we have the classic mode that everyone knows and loves, but the real uniqueness of this game is the second mode, which takes on Sonic in a whole new way. This 3D style of gameplay is sleek and much more exhilarating in my humble opinion. You will soon come to find out as you progress further through the levels, the camera angle will change. This is to help you through the more difficult and complex parts of the level, but fear not, the transition is quite smooth. This mode is also a bit easier, for when you get hit by an enemy you only lose a portion of your rings. Although it is easier than the classic Sonic, I must admit that I had much more fun playing in this mode than the classic.

SEGA has done a good job with this game. After all it is really hard to mess up a remake of a favorite classic. I believe that everyone can find something here that they will enjoy, be you a fan of Sonic from yesteryear or a new fan of the series. Sonic Generations will be released in a store near you on November 1st, 2011 in North America, November 4th in Europe and in Japan on December 1st. It will be available for the PC, PS3, XBOX 360 and the Nintendo 3DS.

Download the PC version for $29.99

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