The Prince of Winterfell review

The Prince of Winterfell Trumped by the Ghostess of Harrenhal

This week’s episode starts out with an all too familiar familial smackdown. Yara rides to Winterfell to see how the new Prince of Winterfell is faring. Only does she find he’s supposedly killed the two youngest Starks and sent with word sure to disappoint Theon’s ambitions. She’s to take him back to Pyke, to his father Balon Greyjoy, or if not to tell him he is sure to die in Winterfell, far from the sea. Theon seems stubborn enough, and stupid enough for that matter, to try and stay in Winterfell with just his twenty men. After fully buying into his Ironborne heritage he’s determined enough to maintain his image. His people’s perception of him has been something I’ve mentioned over the past few episodes, but it seems that much of his motivation and logic is now dictated by this sensed perception. Will he stay like a Ned Stark, duty and honor bound, or run to fight another day, like the game-playing Lannisters.

Oh yeah! Rattleshirt, the Lord of Bones, finally! We caught a glimpse of him in the trailer, and until now the wildlings of the North didn’t seem much more than spear chuckers in snow camo, but Rattleshirt looks pretty boss. Approaching anyone in a suit made of bones would be pretty damn intimidating, well I think it would be anyway. Oh yeah, Jon Snow… captured in stupidity. Qhorin Halfhand captured… doubtful. For being the best ranger and very dutious, I don’t think he would’ve turned back to look for Jon Snow. If they really felt their mission to find out about Mance Rayder and the wildling activities was that important, then it would be more likely that he would NOT sacrifice all his men and compromise the integrity of the mission to save one dumb boy that could not perform his duty. Jon Snow’s goose looks to be cooked at this point. We’ll see what clever tricks the Halfhand has up his sleeves, because we all know Jon isn’t clever enough to slash his way out of a wet, paper bag even with a sword made of Valyrian steel. HA.

So Catelyn Stark has sent Jaime Lannister with Brienne of Tarth, in hopes of retrieving her girls. That’s got everybody riled up now, most of all Robb, who was enjoying his sappy love story with that one lady. Well, anywho, that love story is boring, very pedestrian and altogether too clich√© to really fit in the Game of Thrones world, but that’s beside the point. I’m more excited to see where the Brienne and Jaime roadshow goes and more importantly HOW it goes.

Tywin heads out of Harrenhal to head his forces, much to Arya’s chagrin as she obviously wishes to have him dead at the hands of Jaqen. The biggest bummer about this development is we won’t get anymore of those great scenes between Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister. With Tywin gone, Arya will have to find a new target and she finds an interesting one indeed. She names Jaqen himself. Clever girl. She finds a way to use something as simple as a single death to unbar the doors to a prison that has several guards and high walls. Well the balance is paid in full as the episode comes to end. The only way to secure their passage, Arya, Gendry, and Hotpie, is by Jaqen assassinating all the guards, in an effort to clear his name of course. Which means that the next few episodes will be Arya and company on the loose in the wilderness. Maybe it’ll be sort of like the box car kids, just more dark and brutal, and with less cherry pies.

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Tyrion and his crew ready the city as Stannis Baratheon heads forward fullsail to lay siege. We get to see a little more of Varys the Spider in this episode. I always enjoy the Spider’s appearances. He’s smug and seemingly omnisicient, but plays a great counterpart to Tyrion that isn’t the simple, battle-minded Bronn.

Samwell Tarly and his Night’s Watch companions find a buried trove of Dragonglass. Foreshadowing! It’s obviously got some purpose, that is yet to be determined, but we’ll see what use they put them to. Maybe picking their teeth.

Cersei finds Ros, mistakenly thinking her to be Tyrion’s lover, Shae. The game is played by lords and a war attrition unfolds. Too bad for everyone related to these lords and their plots that the ones that they care about are the ones that suffer. It’s like watching a mob movie where the made men don’t go after each other, but instead hurt the ones around each other. All for the sake of leverage. I wonder if this scene between Tyrion, Cersei, and Ros will be the last of the Ros character. On top of that, Tyrion and Cersei almost shared a very human, loving scene last episode and instead go back to trading blows. Makes you wonder how sincere any of that scene was last week.

see ya later?

Stannis and Davos Seaworth have a great bit of exposition about their shared past and just how much Stannis esteems Davos. They also explain the dutious nature of both men. As rigid and unappealing as both men may appear, they are honorable to the last. I think we can identify notes of Ned Stark in Stannis’ plot. Afterall it was Ned Stark that sought to supplant Stannis as the king of Westeros. So it only seems fitting that they would seem the most like him.

Daenarys, go get those dragons already.

The Stark boys aren’t dead! Oh sweet relief, Theon just killed some worthless orphan children instead…

So who wins this round of the game? We had a lot of great scenes, while I’m pumped for more Jaime/Brienne I’m not sure that warrants a victory. Robb had a lot of screen time and some steamy love stuff, but generally uninteresting, so too bad for him. I’m giving this one to Arya Stark, the little ghostess of Harrenhal. With some clever thinking and a little ingenuity she’s making her way to Winterfell, hell or high water. So here’s to wishing her ragtag gang the best of luck on their box car adventures! May they be bleak and brutal!


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