Todd Harris from Hi-Rez responds to a couple questions

The press release by Hi-Hez Studios about Tribes Ascend entering NASL for season 3 is now a more than a week old. What does this mean for the next Tribes game and how will it impact competition?

Competition is already forming around the closed beta. No official ladders have been set-up but teams have formed and are competing against one another on maps that have yet to be completed. known for their coverage of Tribes 2 competition has been covering scrims, which are unofficial matches, between the interested EU and USA teams.

EU Matches on Twitch or USA Matches on Twitch

Tribes has seen its fair share of highly competitive matches in the past but it was mostly limited to its generally small audience. Tribes 2 was the most popular game in the series yet we still only saw around 200-300k people at its height.

Team 5150 coming out of Starsiege Tribes as one of the last dominate teams was in a position to take advantage of Tribes 2 popularity and hosted a small tournament in conjunction with Tribes Warfare League, now Team Warfare League, and WiredRed software, at the time of the game’s launch by promising $2000.00 dollars to the team that held the #1 spot on TWL’s Tribes 2 CTF Ladder. Team Fusion, and Kung Foo Clan were among the winners besides Team 5150. It was a small disappointment because they hoped it would foster an even greater response than it did.

Over the past few years players who made a name for themselves in Tribes went on to play professionally in other games by winning prized tournaments. While those players and some of the old Tribes elite are around in T:A the question is will they stick around to form professional teams to compete against one another in NASL? Or even at TWL for that matter. Those who have been around know that dominate teams like Imperial Elite didn’t make the transition into Tribes 2. I personally hope that older teams won’t make that decision but being that a “real” Tribes game hasn’t been released since 2002, almost 10 years ago, it’s hard to tell who will be around today.

With the news of T:A entering NASL you may be wondering who has expressed interest in competing. I sent an inquiry to Team 5150 and didn’t get a response, but I was able to get a couple of questions answered from Hi-Rez.


By Tribes Ascend entering NASL even as a Promotional Title, it would imply that some teams or at least some players have expressed some interest in playing at this level. Can you tell me which or how many teams have committed to joining and competing?

Todd Harris, COO Hi-Rez Studios:

Yes. We can confirm that multiple professional teams have expressed an interest in T:A, and that we are in active discussions with teams. But we are not yet ready to announce any specifics regarding teams or players.


Currently you cannot apply to join or enter into the competition simply because NASL doesn’t list any place to do this on their website.

How would an individual enter themselves or their team into competing in NASL?

Todd Harris, COO Hi-Rez Studios:

We anticipate qualification tournaments starting in early 2012.

We’ll all be waiting to see what happens but I hope this is just the beginning of professional gaming for Tribes.

Closing note. If anyone reading this article likes to write about games and more specifically, Tribes. I am looking for freelance writer who is connected to the Tribes community to write for – If interested, send me an email to nachapman@gmail dot com.

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