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How to find dungeons in Minecraft

One of the biggest thrills in Minecraft is Dungeon crawling. Before Mojang added actual dungeons we were more than happy with just finding large caverns to explore. Mojang took note and in patch xxx decided to reward our curiosity with actual Dungeons which included Mob spawners and random chests with rare loot.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Masks

Dragon Priests, locations and guide to make them yours.

Okay gang, so in the course of playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I encountered a lich entombed on the side of mountain next to a word wall. This turned out to be the resting place of a Dragon Priest, and when defeated they drop an item known as a Dragon Priest mask amongst the loot. The first mask I was able to get my hands on turned out to be Krosis. This was a game changer since I ran into him in early stages of gameplay and ended up with a very unique item.