What is Dead May Never Die review

What Is Dead May Never Die

Episode three introduces us to the truly insidious nature of Craster, as he sacrifices his son, and his relationship with the Crows. The symbiotic relationship they share is an unfortunate necessary evil that the Lord Commander and Jon Snow must come to terms with. For the Lord Commander this appears as old news, but it comes as a harsh wake up call for the castle raised Jon Snow. Although the world is brutal it’s surprising moments like this that still come as a shock to men hardened by the things they’ve seen. Despite all the incest there’s something a little more jacked up about sacrificing humans, especially babies.


Tyrion has a decent scene in this episode that gives a little illumination for his past and present attachment to prostitutes. For all his cunning, Tyrion does leave himself open to attack through Shae’s presence. ┬áIt doesn’t wise to aggravate your father with a prostitute when he had your last prostitute/girlfriend raped repeatedly.

Theon has a great moment with his father, Balon Greyjoy. Cast aside we’ll see the little boy that Theon used to be still seeking fatherly approval. And that need for approval will cast a big shadow across what Theon must do, decide between House Greyjoy or Stark or the rest of the North. We’ll see this decision and Theon’s process played out wonderfully on screen, and despite all the ill treatment by Theon’s family,(spoiler alert) it would seem that blood will win out.

Tyrion is playing the game deftly once again. He baits a nice little trap for the remaining three members of the small council by giving them three separate pieces of information only to see which of the three tells his sister. A pretty clever ruse that the honorable Ned Stark or Jon Arryn would have thought of. I think this is telling of Tyrion’s ability for longevity in this series. This little trap ends with a imprisoned and beardless Grand Maester as he turns out to be the snitch amongst those in the small council. Tyrion’s doing a pretty bang up job of cleaning house at this point, but we’ll see how long it can last.

In King Renly’s camp enters Catelyn Stark and we’re introduced to a few new characters that will prove important for the rest of the season. Brienne of Tarth, King Renly’s new champion and newest member of his Kingsguard and Margaery Tyrell, the sister of Renly’s loverboy Loras Tyrell. Once again the casting choices seem apt, Gwendoline Christie imbodies the physcality of her role as Brienne of Tarth and Natalie Dormer can play the conniver quite well. We’ve seen her work in The Tudors and she was well-versed the subtle arts.

Which brings us to the scene where Margaery attempts to seduce King Renly to no avail. But offers the assistance of her brother. Leading us to believe that as a brother and sister they’re very, very close and kind of weird, or the Tyrells are that power hungry that they will do whatever they deem necessary to stay close to that source of power. The Tyrells scheme like Lannisters and play the game just as well.

While the episode ends on a dour note with Yoren get stabbed a lot, we find that Arya makes herself a friend in Jaqen H’ghar and succeeds in protecting Gendry’s identity a little longer. This scene with the attack on the Night’s Watch recruits provides us with a little action to the first three episodes, but isn’t much of a battle. I think we’ll have to keep waiting as the season builds and the armies start to clash.

Oh hey.

Overall I think Theon took this episode. There’s a lot going on with Pyke and the Ironborn right now and he really hits hard with his baptism back into the fold.

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