Part Two of the Skyrim’s funniest fan vids

So continuing our series from last week, we’ll finish up our list of the ten funniest videos we’ve come across.  While you may not agree with all these, I’m just going to have to say, too damn bad.  You’re at the mercy of my crappy sense of humor.  Enjoy.



Being this obtuse would be very frustrating.  Oh, The joys of sneaking.


This guy does an amazing Christopher Walken impression and on top of that, if you’re feeling flush, you can spend a little of your hard earned cash to get him to make you your very own Christopher Walken soundclip.  Enjoy as Walken gives us one of his world famous Walkenthroughs.


Lydia does what she does best.  It’s just like the almighty Clint Eastwood said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”  Or in this case a woman.  Regardless, Lydia, just like all the npc’s in Skyrim, seem to have little notion of what their actual capabilities are.


Ah yes.  Finding funny ways to die is always a good diversion.  Well, here’s a 100 ways.


If only we had more questing in our real lives.  I think it would make the mundane tasks of everyday a little more meaningful… and maybe more swords.  G4TV shows just how much Skyrim has taken hold of their office.

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