Wolfenstein celebrates its 20th birthday today

So I’m having a hard time being productive today.  So instead of doing anything worthwhile I’ll just fill you guys in on what it is that’ been consuming my time.  Wolfenstein in browser suckas!  Bethesda is ringing in this classic game’s 20th birthday by hosting a free in browser Wolfenstein.  I can remember when Wolfenstein had first come out and it was all any of us dumbo grade schoolers were talking about… man I’m getting old.  Just hop on this link and start blasting nazis.  They’re just asking for it after all.

That got me thinking about some other fun, free games that are also worthwhile.


Here’s a classic that I played the crap out of.  Age of Empires,  And it’s free.


Asteroids!  This one’s fun too, if only for a little while.  I like my eyeballs too much to play this for any lengthy period of time.


One more for you guys.  QUAKE.  This is a classic shooter.  Jump on and register, then you’ll be good to go.  Get out there and blast some other yahoos to pieces.

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