Ben compiles a small list of his 5 favorite mods for Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing creative outlet as I am sure most of you already know. Minecraft gives you the ability to not only create amazing in game structures, but also create amazing mods. Today I will be highlighting some of my personal favorite Minecraft mods, and let you guys know why they are so amazing.

A new mod that surfaced not so long ago was one created by a reddit user by the name of invertedshadow. He is calling it the Pathfinder mod and basically what it does is it increases the ability of a given mob to be able to track you down. If you watch the video he explains it in further detail, but the gist of the mod is to allow mobs to jump over gaps, and create new ways to get around obstacles in order to try to kill you. If used correctly this feature could be combined with Minecraft and other various mods to create a legitimate gaming experience, such as a rough RPG or RTS.

One of my personal favorites is DrZhark’s Mo’Creatures Mod. The features of this mod are pretty self-explanatory, but what all creatures does it feature? Currently Minecraft has chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and squid, with the Mo’Creatures Mod you get kittens, mice, rats, sharks, dolphins, bears and those are just naming a handful. If you are getting tired of seeing the same ol’ passive mobs, then this mod is right up your alley. DrZhark is also currently maintaining regular updates, adding more animals and also making sure that it is compatible with the latest official build of Minecraft.

Do you find yourself getting lost in the world of Minecraft? Forget to create a spawn marker and now you have no idea where your home is? Sounds like you could use the ZanMinimap mod. Almost nothing sucks more than frantically running home at night with a horde of creepers chasing you, and you have no idea where you are going. The minimap is very tastefully done, and will mesh well with the overall feel of Minecraft, without taking anything away.

On a less serious note, the Kenshiro Mod is one that will without a doubt is hilarious. This is for those crafters who are looking to get in touch with their Bruce Lee side in game and destroy mobs with minimal effort and maximum style. Not only do you get to unleash the fists of fury on unsuspecting mobs, but it also comes with amazing sound bites that really give it the martial arts effect. This mod also allows for a mega kick of death to be used upon your enemies to send them flying across the map. Beware: using these attacks depletes your food bar quite rapidly, so make sure you stock up on steak before you discharge your fury.

Our final mod is one that might change your opinion on creepers. Everyone knows the sound, and some have nightmares about it. You see a creeper coming and you hope and pray that it you can kill it before it kills you or destroys part, or all of you precious creation. The Baby Creeper mod introduces baby creepers (obviously), and most importantly they are harmless and extremely adorable. When you kill them they just release a puff of smoke, and no damage is given to your person or your valuables. You also get a bonus drop when they are destroyed, a creeper head. This gives you the power to spawn one baby creeper at will! Trust me, once you implement these little rascals in game, they take the edge off of the typical creeper, and add a bunch of cuteness to your Minecraft world!

These 5 new mods should help you spice up your Minecraft experience quite nicely. Please be aware that these mods are user created, and may crash occasionally, or create other problems. Install these at your discretion and be smart when adding things to your game. Also make note that many mods require extras such as Bukkit or modloader (etc.).

The world of Minecraft is an ever-expanding, ever evolving experience that almost anyone can pick up and become addicted instantly. With great new mods surfacing each and every day, it is almost impossible to find something that you will fall in love with.

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