Extremely Beautiful Minecraft Environments Setup Guide

Learn how to set up difficult texture packs

Extremely beautiful environments in Minecraft are easy* to achieve. This guide explains some of the basics on how to achieve these results for yourself.

Beware though, as you will need a decent system to run these settings near, or above 30 FPS.


Some of the eye candy in these screenshots are stunning. Fog, and 3D texture mapping effects brought to life with 128px texture packs.

How do we get 3D texture mapping in Minecraft?

It’s brought in with a feature called Bump Mapping. It works by manipulating the shader; when the light hits the face of an object, bump mapping, changes the angle of a pixel surface to allow patches of light, and dark to be displayed. Think of a pixel having three sides like a triangle.

How do we set that up? You will need:


Note: If you are using another resource pack; check the author’s site to see if they have added or support bump mapping.


See the entire image series at Imgur


Two different shots @ 100%. Left is snow with Bump mapping. Right is a farm outlined with textured wood.

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