Join us for the second part of this installment of Ashy’s Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance how to series, Chapter 2: Rescue.

    In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – Chapter 2: Rescue, you get to see Rolf cry like a baby. (Almost literally.) But that’s not the point. I shall now explain in one sentence: Mist and Rolf are kidnapped by bandits who are after revenge on the Greil Mercenaries for killing their brethren in Caldea. Guess what happens: Ike goes in to battle not thinking about what could happen.


Rhys is introduced in this chapter, as he is finally over his fever that he was suffering from since the beginning of the story. He talks to Titania and hands her a letter, as he states that a strange man told him to give it to the “red-tressed knight.” Apparently, it was a letter from the bandits stating that they kidnapped Mist and Rolf. Titania tells Rhys to tell the others to prepare for battle as she goes to run a quick “errand.” After Rhys tells the others what happened, Ike, being an idiot, decides to rush over there to save his sister, despite Titania’s orders to stay there until she came back. Boyd, Rhys, and Oscar follow him, knowing that they are disobeying orders.


Titania does come in as a reinforcement, but I still encourage you to use your weaker units so you can power them up. Anyways, in this chapter, the objective is “Rout”, so you have to defeat all of the enemies on the map.

Your newest unit is Rhys, who is of the Priest class. A priest is a type of healer, and he uses staves to heal (obviously). He can’t wield any weapons, but once you have him change classes to a Bishop, he can use Light magic. (I shall get to that in chapter 4.) There are actually many different types of staves you can use, but just like weapons, you have to be at a certain level to wield them. The most simple staff is the “Heal” staff, which restores 10 HP plus however many magic points the healer has. (So say that Rhys has a magic number of 11. He would then be able to restore 21 HP to your allies.) I believe you get 11 experience points every time you use a Heal Staff. A Mend Staff is basically the same as a Heal Staff, only twice as strong, so you can restore 20 HP plus the healer’s magic points. But staves do other things besides healing. There are “hostile staves” like the Sleep Staff, which will put a unit to sleep for a certain number of turns, or a staff that causes you to lose a small number of HP every turn. Unlike Healing Staves, attacking staves won’t always work 100% of the time. Sometimes you will fail due to the number of magic resistance points that the other unit has. There are also other useful staves. A Hammerne Staff will restore the number times you can use a weapon in battle, or a Warp Staff will teleport you to another spot on the map. For now, you start out with healing staves, so just know that it’s usually the enemies who have all of the cool staves that let you attack others or warp.

Now, since this chapter is called “Rescue”, I think I’ll explain the act of “rescuing” (even though you don’t necessarily have to do it in this chapter). If you check your unit’s information, you can look at the top to find how much they weigh. This is where “rescuing” comes in. If one of your units is in a tight spot, where they’re running out of vulneraries and they are surrounded by enemies, you can send another of your units to rescue them, as long as the unit doing the rescuing weighs the same or more than the unit in need of help! What happens is that the stronger unit will occupy the same space as the weaker one, and the stronger one will protect the weaker one. They will even travel to the same space together when the stronger one moves. The weaker unit cannot do anything until he is “dropped off” by the stronger one. Mounted units cannot be rescued. Now, there is a downside to all of this. The stronger unit’s Speed and Skill stats are decreased until you drop off the weaker one, so the stronger unit may do more poorly in battle.

In case you haven’t figured it out, you can also use the option “Trade” once you’ve moved in order to trade items with another unit. Just thought I’d let you know, since one of your units will get to the point where he/she can’t hold any more things in their inventory. If it does get to the point where you’ve gained an extra item (like from an enemy that you killed and he happened to drop it), and you already have a full inventory, you will have to drop something. That means you’ll just have to leave one of those items on the field and never get it back. So if you get a rare item, and you have a few common items filling up your inventory, drop the common one (like a vulnerary), because you can always get another. Rare items though, like Seraph Robes, Draco Shields, Master Seals, those are all pretty rare items, so do your best to hold on to them.

Once you’ve cleared the map, it will show you one bandit left threatening to kill the children if the others do not drop their weapons.(And Rolf is crying while Mist is just kinda standing there.) Ike, Titania, Boyd, and Oscar do drop them, hoping it will save them, but being the douche he is, the bandit goes ahead with his plan to kill them and starts with Rolf. Now, before the bandit attacks Rolf, you’ll notice in the top right corner of the screen another unit with red hair and a bow. That would be Shinon, and he’s going to haul ass. He shoots the bandit between the eyes right before he attacks and kills him. He and Gatrie both come out of hiding as Titania explains that she went to get reinforcements after she read the letter. Meanwhile Rolf fainted. Not very manly of him, I must say, even if he is still a kid.

I personally think that if Titania had not gotten Shinon and Gatrie to back them up, they would be screwed. The children would be dead, and the story would have ended there. Though, Ike knows he’s the main character, so anything he does won’t affect the plot and everything will turn out all right. (Lucky bastard.)

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