Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Chapter 3: Pirates Aground takes us to coast of Crimea to fight off some Pirates. Join Ashy as she gives us a first hand account of what’s going on in this chapter.

    Ike, Boyd, Oscar, and Rhys were “punished” for disobeying Titania’s orders, so they are confined to the quarters for ten days. The real kicker is that Greil says they’ll hold off the punishment for now because they have too many jobs that are needed to be taken care of. (And they never get around to doing the punishment.) They lucked out, but hey, what else can we expect from the main character?
    In this mission, you go with Titania, Shinon, and Gatrie to get rid of some pirates in a port off the coast of Crimea. (Greil takes Boyd, Oscar, and Rhys with him on another mission.) Some things I shall cover are Snipers and Knights, Other Units, and Talking.
    Shinon, like Titania, is already in the upgraded class as a sniper. Now, any unit that wields a bow cannot attack directly (like attacking from the space right next to the enemy). Rather they attack indirectly (or two spaces away). Archers and snipers, for the most part, have pretty damn good accuracy and precision, and if your unit is upgraded to a sniper, they will also have a higher chance of landing criticals. I remember once when I used Shinon, he had four critical attacks in a single chapter. (That was really awesome!) Gatrie is of the Knight class. (He’s not a horseback unit because he doesn’t have a weapon name that’s part of the class he’s listed under.) Instead of being a horseback unit, he’s on foot, but he has a ton of heavy armor on. He walks around quite slowly, but it’s because of his armor that he has a high defense, so enemies can barely make a scratch, and he’s got a pretty good attack power. Later in the game you can have him change classes to a General, and he’ll be even stronger! But once again, I would strongly advise you to use Ike most of the time. (After all, he’s the main character.)
    Since I’m on the subject of Shinon and Gatrie, it may help to talk about them a little. Shinon’s a stuck-up, racist jerk while Gatrie is a ladies’ man who pretty much just follows Shinon like he’s a boss. …Like a boss. I can’t really tell if Gatrie likes Ike, but I know Shinon hates Ike’s guts, and it may be just because he’s a rookie mercenary while Shinon’s a professional. (That and Shinon’s ego is too big for his own good.) And when I mean that he’s racist, I don’t mean skin color. I mean he hates Laguz and wants nothing to do with them except to kill them. (What an asshole!)
    The objective (according to Titania) is to whittle down the numbers in the port and rush up onto the pirate ship and wipe out the rest of them. There is also a tavern on the right side of the map. Fun fact! What’s really funny about this is the person you talk to at this tavern. You will notice he looks different from the “characters who have only one appearance and have no name.” It will tell you that his name is Unknown, but he’s actually a main character who will come back in chapter 11. This guy, Nasir, is actually the first Laguz you meet in this game, and you don’t even realize it until after he joins you later.
    A turn or two into the battle, a green unit will appear named Marcia. She is a Pegasus Knight from the theocracy of Begnion and is looking for her brother, who apparently tried to cheat his way out of a bet that he made with the pirates and lost. Since she is green, she is classified as an Other Unit. They are not your enemies, but you can’t control them either. They pretty much just do whatever they want, which I will admit  can be very annoying, because they’re taking out enemies that you could do yourself to level up your own units. You won’t be able to recruit her yet, but if you have Ike talk to her in this chapter, she will leave and come back in chapter 9 and will automatically be recruited. Now, the act of “Talking” is simple. Just move a certain unit (usually Ike) over to talk to a unit of a different color. If you do, or meet the right conditions, that unit will switch sides and join your party. It all depends on who you’re trying to recruit though, because you can’t get everyone to join with Ike. Sometimes it requires one specific character or someone who meets the conditions. (I will tell you how to recruit every unit in this game though, so don’t worry.) In any case, I think she’s the first character from Begnion you meet. Begnion is pretty much the largest country on Tellius, and the most powerful. They are the only country that has the Holy Guard (one of their military branches) use Pegasi as their mounts. While Pegasi knights are mounted units, they are also airborne, so they can pretty much move over almost any terrain they want, even water. A Pegasus knight will change classes to a Falcon Knight if you raise them high enough. (The name doesn’t really make sense to me, because they’re not riding on falcons…)
    Anyways, if you’re new to Fire Emblem, or maybe you just clicked my articles because the pictures looked cool, I think you will love Fire Emblem. This turn-based strategy game is amazing, and the storyline and characters are incredible. Even more, the music is awesome. At times, I find it even better than The Legend of Zelda! It’s a great game for a strategy gamer looking for a challenge. I remember when I first played Fire Emblem, it was on the Gameboy Advance, and it was pretty interesting, though I really sucked at it. Now I’m a pro, and it’s one of my favorite game series! I hope you enjoy my articles! (Also, I plan on doing a “How To/Let’s Play” for this game, but first I have to get a better computer and find the right cable for recording.)

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