Hi, this is Ashy Chapman and I will be making a “How To: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.” This is a turn-based strategy game for Nintendo Gamecube. It’s a really fun game to play with a great storyline and graphics. Check it out!

Starting now, I will be making a “How To” for the Fire Emblem series (The Tellius series), and the first one is Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Nintendo Gamecube. I’ve played through it enough times that I consider myself a pro at it, and not once have I ever had one of my characters die on me. (Of course, I’ve never played the hard/maniac mode!) If you’ve never played Fire Emblem before, it might be a little difficult at first because it’s a turn-based strategy game. Hell, I even sucked when I was first playing it! But that’s what I’m here for! Let’s get started, shall we?

It starts off with the prologue, and Ike is your main character throughout the entire game. Do NOT let him die, because obviously it will be game over if that happens. He starts out as a trainee who is aiming to be a mercenary under his father’s company, so the whole point of the prologue is to train you as well as Ike. I should also note, that there are tutorials in the game that you can check out, and they are given by a character called Anna (even though she doesn’t appear in the story at all). But I noticed that she didn’t cover EVERYTHING, so I’ll go over what she didn’t talk about. Anywho! In this battle, you have to face Boyd, who is also another mercenary, and then Greil, Ike’s father.

When you go up against Boyd, you will start off on the opposite side of the map. In every battle, it’s always the player’s phase that starts with each turn, and then the enemy’s phase. Now, you’ll notice that when you click on Ike, his movement range will show up but Boyd is not in his range. That’s okay, just move him as close to Boyd as you can, because for whatever reason Boyd doesn’t move at all. So on your second turn, go ahead and attack him. When you do, a menu will pop up to show you what will happen if you decide to attack. HP stands for health points, and obviously if it goes down to zero you die. MT shows how much damage you will cause. HIT shows the percentage of you actually hitting your target. Sometimes, if it’s lower than 70% than there’s a good chance you’ll miss your enemy. CRIT stands for critical hit chances. Usually the chance is low, but if your attack does become a critical, than the damage you cause will be 3 times more powerful. And not only will this menu show you your chances, but it will also show the enemy’s as well.

Now each time you battle, you get experience points, and if it goes over 100, you level up. Starting classes can go up to level 20, and when you reach “level 21”, your character will go through a class change. Boyd, who is a Fighter in this game, will become a Warrior after a class change, or Rolf who starts out as an Archer and will become a Sniper if you level him all the way up. When they undergo a class change, they will start back at level one of that class, but still be really strong. You can level them up all the way to level 20 again, but then after that they’ve reached the limit of how powerful they can become. I would suggest having Ike at a level 20 Ranger by the time you get to Chapter 17, because after that he automatically gets a class change to a Lord, regardless of what level he’s at when you reach that point.

After you defeat Boyd, Mist (Ike’s younger sister) will come over and give you a vulnerably. It’s an item that restores HP. When you’re using beginning characters, always keep vulneraries with you, because until you have several healers in your party or your unit’s strong enough to hardly take much damage like Titania, your characters won’t survive that long. By the time your HP is already really low, it’s probably too late to save your character. Vulneraries only restore up to 10 HP per use, so keep a lot with you! So next you face Greil, and I would recommend using a vulnerably after every time he battles you. That way you’ll defeat him easily. After you defeat him, the battle will be over and there will be some more dialogue between the characters. Greil finally makes Ike a full-fledged mercenary, and your adventure begins.

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