Make 100g a day from getting married!

Finding the perfect bride can be a challenge since there are so many to choose from, and the ladies as well have plenty of options to find a strapping young lad of their own. Depending on your tastes, I have seen lots of bad girls that I would rather try to marry than the frumpy good girls in the cities.  But, that’s not an option, and again I’m sure the same can be said for the ladies looking for their own bandit bad boy.

I could list out all the hotter girls in the game, but that’s what so great about wikis. Instead of covering that aspect we’re going to address the steps needed to get hitched. You might be asking yourself why you would want to bother getting married.  In life that’s a huge commitment and it’s understandable if you have commitment issues, lots of guys do, hell I did for a long long time, which might explain why I’m still forever alone in my mid thirties… uh, enough about me.

Anywho getting married in Skyrim is like getting a dog or cat that you don’t have to feed or walk. Your husband or wife will open a store which you can sell things to and make money from and they will collect 100 gold everyday regardless if you see them or not which will accumulate over time and they will give to you.

So first you will want to check out that link to that wiki I mentioned earlier or perhaps, this
Wiki, or this Wiki. So many Wikis. Either way, find the girl that’s right for you(I know most of you chose the hot Argonian women workin the Riften Docks). We’ll just pretend everyone chose her because she is so conveniently placed to the area we’re going to questing near. In case you want to role-play a bit further than most, here’s a link(NSFW) which will dress down your hot new bride to be.

We went ahead and made this video for you to follow. Or you can read how we did it below that, if you’re into that kinda thing.

1. Locate an Amulet of Mara

If your like me, who hordes everything, you might be able to find one in your house under all the newspapers you’ve saved  for the past 10 years or in a drawer. Otherwise you can buy one from Maramal in Riften(more on him below) and/or scour the beaches of Dawnstar for a tent with one laying inside.

2. Travel to Riften

3. Talk to Maramal at the Riften Bee and Barb bar about marriage.

4. Equip your Amulet of Mara

5. Find your Bride/Groom to be and propose.

6. Temple of Mara

Meet said Bride/Groom at the Temple of Mara in Riften between dawn and dusk the next day.

7. Take your vows

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