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One of the biggest thrills in Minecraft is Dungeon crawling. Before Mojang added actual dungeons we were more than happy with just finding large caverns to explore. Mojang took note and in the Beta 1.8 Adventure Update patch decided to reward our curiosity with actual Dungeons which included Mob spawners and random chests with rare loot.

Accidentally finding a Dungeon is common practice, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a sure-fire way to find them? There are a number of ways to increase the likelihood of discovering Dungeons with the tips below.


One of the easiest ways is to install a mod.


Cartographer G

  • About
  • Supports maps up to 1 Gigabyte, Exact coordinates to tag Dungeons, and Zooming, cropping, mirroring or rotating images.
  • You have to have dot net installed. 32 Bit Operating System version.
  • You have to have dot net installed. 64 Bit Operating System version.
  • In the “Only” field enter the Block ID for Mossy Cobblestone -48. Then you can do an overlay of your regular map. I’d recommend changing the color of the cobblestone to make it easier to see. You can also do this with Clay -82. My Clay Map, I changed the clay’s color to hot pink.
    NOTE: This technique does not give any indication as to the depth of the dungeon but I it will get you close. – By Lov-4-Outdors on Reddit

Minecraft X-Ray

  • About
  • As you might expect you get to view your world in 3D but you get to see inside the map in real-time.

AMIDST Project

  • About
  • Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking

While Exploring

If you are more keen to finding them while exploring caverns keep an eye out for mossy cobblestone. If you stumbled upon one of these blocks it is a guarantee that a dungeon is just a few blocks away.

Being about 10 levels above bedrock will ensure that you will find a Dungeon

Find Dungeon’s using MATH!

This Reddit post explains how to use calculus to find Dungeons

Find by entering your seed with this online tool

This handy tool takes your Seed and analyzes the data to estimate where there might be some dungeons.

Texture Pack

Install this pack and it will convert most of the stone blocks into transparent textures.


The last way to find a Dungeon is by loading seeds which specifically show where dungeons are located. As of this post we don’t have a post with Dungeon seeds articles, but we’re working on it. Until I can link it in this post I have found a couple to share.

  • Minecraft 1.2+ 1736813803934715730
  • Minecraft 1.2+ 1319693513138729205 x:297 y:58 z:283
  • Minecraft 1.2+ 1319693513138729205 x:295 y:55 z:263
  • Minecraft 1.2+ 2772960169439129412 X:836.28 Y:45.62 Z:-42.23 f:2

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  1. Fligabob

    Dungeons weren’t added in 1.8, IIRC they were added even before alpha. Other than that slight mistake, a good little article.

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