Welcome to our new Minecraft tutorial series. We’re getting started at the beginning because everyone enjoys laughing at the noobs. Our first installment starts out with Survival cause we’re hardcore. Continue on with our How to part 1 here.

Survival dun..dun..duuuuunnn….

Creepy huh? Well we’ve got more where that came from. It gets scarier the further in you get. Prepare yourself for our introductory Minecraft tutorial part 1.

Mine Stone, Coal, Gold and Diamonds quickly.

Mine Dirt, Sand and Gravel instantly.

Chop wood almost instantly.

Till Dirt and Grass to prepare for Crops.

Minecraft play-through with tips and tricks

Days after purchasing Minecraft I sat down after I found 2 minutes of free time in my day to give it a go. After searching Google and seeing 60 Million results for a Minecraft tutorial, I got scared and just went at it alone. I’m a bit timid.

Before I get started, I would like to say how ridiculously hard this game can be starting out pre-1.8 patch. Even with 1.8 or 1.9, the shit’s hard. Having played Terraira and feeling like I more or less mastered that game, I figured Minecraft would be cake. Unfortunately even Cake is hard to make in Minecraft. During my Minecraft experience, I found myself wanting to delete this game from my hard drive a couple of times.

First Night

It wasn’t all that bad. I knew from seeing some videos and having played Terraria that collecting wood was the first priority on the list. I managed to build a small 8×8 structure and made some torches, even though Coal was a huge pain in the ass to find. In fact, I got lost on my first adventure away from camp. Let me share with you how exciting it was looking for home. I got about as far as one might expect once night fell, and being a complete noob away from home, lost in the forest, I lasted a whole 10 seconds once the baddies started spawning around me. When I respawned, I lucked out by finding my corpse not 15 feet from home, quickly gathered the goods, and made a B-line to the small dwelling I made to camp for the night. I was pretty freaked out by the noises I heard outside overnight. One of the most disturbing things about the game is how the cows express their frustration. I don’t even…

The next day, I focused on building out the house I made and learned to create a few items such as tools, weapons and armor. It was a relatively peaceful experience. Until I started mining.

The biggest surprise this game threw at me was its hardcore approach to deaths. I wasn’t expecting it at all. It wasn’t all that bad until I died in deep shaft and couldn’t remember how to get back. Losing everything more than once drove me to spend more time on the Wiki than I would have liked.

Stores up to 54 items with 2 combined.

The more you have the faster it will be to make glass and other materials.

Easily move yourself and items around the map with iron rails.

So what I learned and how it can help you.

Before you venture out into the wilds, build yourself a chest and leave everything behind which you can survive without.

If you have enough resources and your house is high enough off the ground, build yourself a light tower. It’s basically a very tall 1 block structure which is high enough that it can be seen over a mountain with about 3 torches on all 4 sides at the very top with 1 topping off the structure. You can do what you want as I have seen people get pretty creative with lighthouses in Minecraft.

Once you have built a house and have some extra torches, you will undoubtedly want to explore the area if not for simple curiosity but for the resources you can harvest. Bread crumb your way out into the wild with some torches. Getting lost is very easy to do and can be deadly at night.

After you have spent some time mining and have collected some XXX ore, build yourself a compass which saved my ass from starting over once when I got lost and couldn’t find my way home. When I said lost, I was really lost, and once I had my compass, I discovered how lost I actually was.

If you have played Terraria like I have and did so before playing Minecraft, then it’s worth knowing that ore progression isn’t the same. Building yourself Gold tools isn’t recommended since a Gold Pickaxe has far less durability than an Iron or even a Wood Pickaxe. I’m not exactly clear as to why this is or why you would even need a Gold pickaxe at all with the current system they have in place.

Diamond is end game as far as I know, and when I say end game I mean the end of the game. Besides running some dungeons solo, there isn’t much to do in Survival mode. This game’s true appeal is in its sandbox mode where you can build anything you want. It’s almost a shame that there aren’t more objective based missions to do.

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