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Skyrim is full of Dragons, but when you are searching for them after you thinned the herd a bit finding new locations can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look.

There are several locations scattered around Skyrim to find a Dragon to slay. Lots of these locations are already listed for you in some way. Below I’ll list out all of the known locations a Dragon will appear. Keep in mind depending on how you play the game; there are some random Dragon spawns based on how much time you have spent playing on your current character.

One of the first things you get in the game after you have started the main story quest line is the Dragonstone. This stone shows the location of all the Dragon burial mounds, 22 in all, which will spawn dragons as you quest through the main story arc.

I have taken the map created by GameBanshee and overlaid the Dragonstone to highlight where you can find the burial mounds which appear as white circles.

By viewing the map above and by finding the Dragon heads scattered around the map, highlighted with a black circle, you will find a Dragon to conquer at that location. When you find one of these locations in the game be aware that some of these Dragons can be tough to beat for a low-level character. Also more than likely you will find a Dragon Priest in a sarcophagus near the Word Wall. By simply approaching the wall you will trigger the priest to rise from its tomb. Remember to save before you make your approach. Each priest specializes in one of these three areas, Frost, Fire or Shock. The priests with names will drop a mask which will be enchanted with something unique.


Location 1 – Starting near Riften in the corner of the map is a Dragon burial mound, which sits in a valley just north of Lost Tongue Overlook which sits on a high ridge.

Location 2 – Starting at Riften again, this time to its West, the Dragon burial mound sits between Autumnshade Clearing and Sarethi Farm.

Location 3 – The Dragon burial mound sits in a shallow valley a few paces North of Eroki’s Shack and East of Autumnwatch Tower.

Location 4, 5, 6 and 7 – Head North to Bonestrewn Crest which sits at the center of a hot springs plateau, you will find 4 Dragon burial mound within walking distance. One to the East which sits just South of the road, West of Eastmarch Imperial Camp and South East of Steamcrag Camp. Then from Bonestrewn head Northwest and find the lowest of the three just a few steps from the crest.

Next head North towards Kynesgrove which is a small village made up of just a couple of buildings. The 6th one is just slighty Southwest of the town. Then the final one in this area sits on a snowy patch of land just Northeast of the town.

Location 8 – Starting from Windhelm follow the road that leads West along the river and while traveling on it you will eventually pass Anga’s Mill which sits down hill from the Dragon burial mound.

Location 9 – Starting from Whiterun, travel on the road to the East of the city which runs North. Pass both farms on the road then continue to head North leaving the road. You will you pass Shimmermist Cave and just past it on the Northern slope of the mountain sits the Dragon burial mound.

Location 10 – Starting from Dawnstar follow the road which heads West. When you come to Mzinchalctf leave the road and head Northwest. The Dragon burial mound sits on a ridge line.

Location 11, 12 and 13 – These 3 spots are all relatively close to Morthal. 11 is just South of the city below Eldersblood Peak. The Dragon burial mound sits just a few feet from the road which runs East to West.

To find location 12 continue on the same road mentioned above and head West. Once you cross the bridge leave the road and follow the river heading South then West. When you see Dead Men’s Respite head Northwest along the ridge line until you see a path leading you up to the Dragon burial mound.

To get to 13 use the same road you have been using and this time follow it past Meeko’s Shack(stop there to pick up Meeko if you want a dog as a companion). When the road splits in two, leave the road and head North and slighty East and you will run into the Dragon burial mound.

Location 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 are between Markarth and Rokistead. Starting at Markarth which is the Western most city in Skyrim. Follow the road out of the city and cut through the ridge side at the first chance you can get. Walk through a rough hilly area until you reach the Dragon burial mound which is between the Lover Stone and Southeast of Ragnvald.

Location 15 is North of 14. It’s best to follow the road along the river North. When the river splits in two head West and along the riverside on the North you will find the Dragon burial mound Northwest of Bruca’s Leap Redoubt.

Location 16 sits just off shore of a lake with an island in the middle of it just East of Markarth. If you start from Markarth and follow the road South you can access it by leaving the road and heading North at the tip edge of the lake. The Dragon burial mound sits West of Old Hroldan.

Location 17 – Starting from Rorikstead, which is directly east of Markarth by some distance, head West once you have left the city. The Dragon burial mound sits on high hill which is almost overlooking the small town.

Location 18 – Starting from Rorikstead head directly East for some ways. Swindler’s Den lies just off a lonely mountain surrounded by plains which is directly East of Rorikstead. Continue past the den and head North slightly, a small lake with a river running out of it will be on the left side of the lonely mountain and to the right of the den. The Dragon burial mound is sitting between the lake and the Northern tip of the lonely mountain.

Location 19 and 20 – Starting from either Rorikstead or Markarth follow the road and head South. Eventually you will run into Fort Sungard which is nearly impossible to miss following either road. If you head South directly from the Fort you will see a Dragon burial mound which sits at the base of 2 hills. If you decide to continue on the road you will eventually reach a crossroads, which sits a Dragon burial mound directly North of the road just mere steps away.

Location 21 – Starting from Falkreath, which is Southwest of Helgen, the town you started the game from, you can access the last 2 Dragon burial mounds. Head West following the road as it twists its way through the area until you get to Evergreen Grove which sits just South of the road. You will probably notice the animals in the area acting strangely or glowing green because of the two Spriggans(Tree like creatures that glow green) guarding the grove. Pass through or around it and you will find the Dragon burial mound to the Southwest of it.

Location 22 – Starting in Helgen head directly south passing near Greywater Grotto. The Dragon burial mound is covered by snow sitting next to a rough hill.

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