Dragon Priests, locations and guide to make them yours.

Okay gang, so in the course of playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I encountered a lich entombed on the side of a mountain next to a word wall. This turned out to be the resting place of a Dragon Priest, and when defeated they drop an item known as a Dragon Priest mask amongst the loot. The first mask I was able to get my hands on turned out to be Krosis. This was a game changer since I ran into him in early stages of gameplay and ended up with a unique item.

The mask is pretty dang powerful and it turned out after I had found Krosis, that there were eight masks AND a ninth mask that can be unlocked in Labyrinthian after finding the first eight. If you’re anything like me you want to find them all, and then figure out which one works best for your character build. Plus, if you don’t end up using them they just look cool back on your mantle in Breezehome. I found that some work best for a rogue or mage build, while others are best suited for the classic hack’n’slash tank.


Hevnoraak– Heavy Armor, Armor 23, Weight 9, Value 891, grants immunity to poison and disease.

Hevnoraak will be found in the Nordic ruin of Valthume. This is just Southeast of Markarth in The Reach. More specifically it is to the southwest of Gloomreach. Upon entering the ruin, you will encounter a spirit named Valdar. He will ask you to go on a quest to find three vessels within the ruin.

The first of the vessels can be located inside a room with a Draugr Overlord. The vessel has two holes and is labeled Opaque Vessel.

The second vessel is in a locked room within the catacombs. It can be opened by a chain trigger and not the more obvious claw door.

The claw door combination is dragon, hawk, wolf.

Behind the claw door will be the third vessel and also a word wall.

Bring all three vessels back to Valdar. He will instruct you to pour out the vessels’ contents and then sit in the throne. Valdar will then awaken the Dragon Priest and Hevnoraak will pop out of his tomb.

Hevnoraak will cast lightning spells and will also summon Storm Atronachs. So watch out! Once defeated he will drop his mask, ‘Hevnoraak.’


Krosis– Light Armor, Armor 21, Weight 5, Value 1615, gives a 20% bonus to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy.

Krosis is at an exterior word wall and doesn’t require any dungeon delving. But this doesn’t mean he’s an easy mark by any means. Krosis has a leveled dragon side-kick at this word wall location. Kosis is located in the southern mountains of The Pale at Shearpoint.

If you don’t wish to fight a Dragon Priest and a Dragon together (which can prove to be formidable), then try and lure the dragon away to fight it separately.

After defeating the dragon, go back to the word wall to fight Krosis. It’s best to have a ranged attack at the ready even if that isn’t your main mode of attack. When attacked, Krosis will fly backward and will even hover off of the Northern Shearpoint cliff. This will make it hard for you to damage him if you don’t have a ranged attack. Once defeated Krosis will drop the mask ‘Krosis’ plus a Staff of Fireball.


Morokei– Light Armor, Armor 5, Weight 4, Value 637, Magicka regenerates 100% faster.

Morokei can be found in Labyrinthian during The Staff of Magnus quest. I’d recommend some form of shock resistance before diving into this one. The quest is decent sized and Morokei is a Shock wielding priest as well as being able to summon a Storm Atronach.

Now before you actually start the quest you’ll need to acquire the Torq of Labyrinthian by Savos Aren’s death.

You’ll need to go to Labyrinthian, which is Southeast of Morthal. Once inside take the staircase to the right and you’ll end up at a large stone door. At this point, you’ll use the Torq of Labyrinthian to open the door. Once through, you’ll encounter a memory of mages in discussion including younger Savos Aren. After their done conversing, continue through the room and to a lever and iron bars. You’ll run into skeletons and a skeletal dragon. After you defeat the skeletons and skeletal dragon, there will be another vision, continue on after the vision has ended. Next will be a frozen door with two sentries. Next, the door will drain you of your Magicka and a Frost Spirit will attack you from the door. After defeating the Frost Spirit melt the door with flames. After that, you will continue down a hallway and towards a sealed door. Behind the door lies a Lightning Rune that can be set off with a Fireball Spell or luring one of the Draugr Wights to open the door from the other side to investigate. The Lightning Rune causes 100 points of damage so stand back unless you’re just a beast and that sort of thing doesn’t bother you. Next, you will find a river. Follow it. You’ll be set against lots of Draugr and skeletons, a Troll will ambush after fighting your way to a room with grated windows on one side. After the troll room, you’ll proceed to another door that will drain your magicka. Open with a lever, and continue past three wisps. Once you’re past the wisps they will attack you. After defeating them there will be a flaming door. Use frost magic to continue. Once past the flaming door, you’ll encounter some more baddies like a Draugr Wight, his Spectral Warhound and some more similar baddies in the next rooms. Beware, this room will drain your magicka once again as you pass the half-way mark. Hang back and let your magicka regenerate or if you’re ranged then blast away with a bow. After all the spectral bad dudes have been defeated, you’ll find a door to the Labyrinthian Tribune.

The Labyrinthian Tribune is the tomb of Morokei. Beware, the next hallway will be rigged with some runes, along with some ice and fireball traps. Disarm with a fireball, or take the gem before the trap fires, but you gotta be quick! In the next intersection, you’ll find all sorts of goodies, locked behind a gate, of course, some potions, enchanted sword. Also, the Slow Time word of power can be found to the right. There’s a Draugr Deathlord waiting at the word wall. But if you’ve made it this far you can handle a pesky Deathlord. After looting to your heart’s content, continue on to find another vision of Savos and companions. Watch and learn, you’ll get to find out how Savos really wasn’t a swell guy, and then you get to face off against Morokei. You’re finally there!

Hold on though, don’t go in blasting away at Morokei, you’ll need to get rid of the enthralled mages first. Once the mages are out of the way the fight against Morokei can begin. Some of the Draugr leading up to Morokei will have carried Drainspell weapons, these work pretty well and if you wore some shock resistant items this will help you immensely. Close combat with Morokei is difficult since he has high Magicka and shouts. If you’re relying on ranged then taking the high ground can prove to be effective as he tends to stay lower. Once defeated he will drop ‘Morokei’ the mask and also the Staff of Magnus.


Nahkriin– Heavy Armor, Armor 23, Weight 9, Value 2173, Destruction and Regeneration spells cost to 20% less, +50 bonus to Magicka

The road to finding Nahkriin can be tricky since the only way to encounter this priest is along the main quest. The quest ‘The World-Eater’s Eyrie’ will take you to Skuldafn, which can not be accessed while just roaming Skyrim. Skuldafn is another large Nordic ruin at the very eastern side of Skyrim. Now to gain access to Skuldafn you must first free Odahviing. Once he’s freed he will offer to carry you to Skuldafn. Once there you will run into some Draugr and possibly a dragon(random). Continue and another dragon will be waiting ahead.

Once inside the first puzzle room the combination Bird, Bird, Bird will open the right side gate. The combination Bird, Snake, Bird will open the left side gate.

In the second puzzle room, the pillar in front of the door should be Snake. The pillar on the right should be Bird. The pillar to the left should be Whale.

In the third puzzle room, will be a Draugr or Dragon Priest. They will drop a Diamond Claw once defeated. The combination is Fox, Moth, Dragon.

Be careful now because there is an Elder Dragon and a leveled dragon sleeping on either side of the portal. Do not wake them if you don’t want to fight them. But if you do, use Storm Call or Dragonrend. There are also four Draugr Deathlords. Just in front of the Dragons’ pillars is Nahkriin.

Much like Krosis, Nahkriin will keep his distance and assault you with ranged spells. He can hit you with Shock, Fire, and Frost. So prepare plenty of healing. He can also slow you down with Ice Spike. Nahkriin is best defeated using ranged attacks since he’s constantly backing away. Once defeated he will drop ‘Nahkriin’ mask and the Staff of the Storm Wall.

AND since you’re doing the main quest now, it’s important to note that this is the only opportunity you will have to pick up this mask.

Otar the Mad

Otar– Heavy Armor, 23 Armor, 9 Weight, Value 1521, +30% bonus to fire, shock, and ice magic resist.

You can find the ‘Otar’ mask on Otar the Mad in the Nordic ruin of Ragnvald in The Reach. The ruin itself is to North Northeast of Markarth.

Once inside the ruin you will enter the main chamber. This will branch out to a Ragnvald Canal and a Ragnvald Crypt. Otar the Mad is sealed in a sarcophagus in the main chamber. But, the only way to open the sarcophagus is to defeat the tomb’s guardians, Torsten and Saerek. Both carry a skull key necessary to open the sarcophagus.

Go to the Ragnvald Canal, go towards the very end of the canal. You will encounter several Draugr along the way and when you finally arrive in a room with a pedestal, pick up the skull on top of it. This will summon Torsten. Upon defeating him he will drop Torsten’s Skull Key.

Next, head to the Ragnvald Crypts. Once again there are several Draugr. Here you will head towards the end of the crypt just like in the canal. Do the same thing with the pedestal. Summon Saerek by picking up the skull. Once defeated he will drop Saerek’s Skull Key.

Go back to the sarcophagus in the main chamber. Activate the locked sarcophagus using both keys. Otar the Mad will awaken and then he will attack you! Once defeated, he will drop the ‘Otar’ mask and that’s it! There is a word wall behind the retracting spikes on top of the stairs.


Rahgot– Heavy Armor, Armor 23, Weight 9, Value 962, +70 to Stamina

Rahgot can be found in Forelhost. This is to the Southeast of Riften on the far side of the lone mountain. You can find this mask by starting the quest ‘Siege on the Dragon Cult.’ Which can be activated by speaking with Captain Valmir who is camped outside the doors to Forelhost. First, you’ll encounter ghosts within the Stronghold. Be careful, there are lots of traps within this dungeon. Some chests are trapped and there are plenty of floor trigger plates too. Either defeat or sneak past the ghosts and work your way towards the portcullis that is open to get into the Crypts.

As you continue further into this dungeon, depending on your level, you will encounter Draugr, Draugr Scourge, or Draugr Deathlords. If you are high enough level you will actually encounter Dragon Cultists instead of Draugrs. Next, you will see a well. Either pick the lock or you can find the key at the far right at the end of the Crypts tunnel. Once down the well, take the tunnel to the Refectory.

When you have reached the Refectory you will need to find the Glass Dragon Claw. Once you’ve worked your way through the Refectory after defeating the several Draugr use the Glass Dragon Claw to open the door. The combination is Fox, Owl, Snake.

Within you’ll find Rahgot and four Draugr. Once defeated, Rahgot will drop the mask ‘Rahgot,’ a leveled staff and the keys to the Battlements. There is a word wall out on the Battlements and it’s also an easier way back down into the courtyard just outside the Forelhost doors. Beware because Captain Valmir is a Thalmor imposter and will try to kill you. So just kill him first. Don’t worry he’s a wuss.


Vokun– Heavy Armor, 23 Armor, 9 Weight, Value 2182, Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion spells are +20%

Vokun can be found at the High Gates Ruins. This Nordic ruin can be discovered during the quest ‘A Scroll for Anska.’ The High Gates Ruins can be found almost directly between Dawnstar and Solitude. It is North of Ustengrav. Near the beginning of the dungeon, you will be asked by Anska to help obtain a scroll that lies at the end of the dungeon. As is the case involving all the Dragon Priests, there will be plenty of Draugr to slay as you advance.

As you work your way through the ruin you will run into a puzzle that opens a trap door in the floor. You must solve it to open the trap door. The order is Eagle, Whale, Fox, Snake. Next, go to the lever that is on the head. After you have pulled the first lever, go to the front room and activate the other lever. After this, the trap door will open.

This will lead you into the bowels of the High Gate Ruins. Eventually, you will make it to the chamber where Vokun rests. If Anska is with, then let her enter first and she can tank for you a little while (who said chivalry was dead?). Whittle away Vokun with a ranged weapon while Anska has him distracted. Usually, Vokun will knock Anska down until you can defeat him, so once Anska is done fighting be prepared for Vokun to come after you. He behaves a little more aggressively than some of the other Dragon Priests and will chase you around. Once you beat him he will drop the mask ‘Vokun’ and a Staff of Fireballs. You can also finish the ‘A Scroll for Anska’ quest and retrieve the scroll she needs at this point.


Volsung– Light Armor, 23 Armor, 9 Weight, Value 4611, 20% better prices, water-breathing, and +20 to carry weight.

Volsung can be located at the Nordic ruin of Volskygge. This lies on the border between Haafingar and The Reach. More specifically, Volskygge is Southwest of Lost Echo Cave and slightly North of Deepwood Redoubt. If you’re just in it for the mask or the glory of defeating worthy foe then I’ve got good news as the ruin itself can be skipped over. Just climb your way around the mountain directly to the peak. When you reach the peak you will find Volsung’s sarcophagus next to a word wall. Once defeated he will drop the mask ‘Volsung’ and that’s it!

If you’re an avid dungeon delver, then try the Volskygge ruin because it might provide a decent challenge. Aside from the normal Draugr that are assured to plague any Nordic ruin comes a couple puzzles. The first of these two riddles can be solved by pulling the levers Snake, Bear, Fox, Wolf. The second riddle

is solved by Snake, Bear, Fox, Snake, Wolf, Bear.


Konahrik– Heavy Armor, Armor 24, Value 3200, Weight 7, Grants Konahrik’s Privilege, chance to knock down nearby enemies or heal the wearer and anyone nearby when low on health. Also, Konahrik’s Privilege will sometimes (rarely) summon a spectral Dragon Priest ally.

Get ready to reap the rewards of all your hard work. You will find Konahrik’s mask inside Bromjunaar Sanctuary inside of Labyrinthian. You will find a Wooden Mask inside the central barrow or Bromjunaar Sanctuary. This just East of the entrance of Labyrinthian. You will find the mask next to a skeleton with a note. Put the mask on and it will send you back in time to when the Bromjunaar Sanctuary was not destroyed. More importantly, the Dragon Priest Shrine will be there and intact. Now take all eight masks you have collected and place them on their respective bust. After this has been done it will reveal the mask ‘Konahrik.’ You may take Konahrik and then retrieve all the other masks from their busts. Once this is done you can return back to the present time and bask in all your Dragon Priestly glory. Well done!

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