Today I help newcomers to Terraria with their first boss encounter, and how to go from Gold items to Molten items. Join me in this getting started guide to Terraria

Terraria Beginner Guide Tutorial, Part 2.

In this part I will get you to a Molten pickaxe but it wont be easy and you might want to erect a 4 inch piece of glass between you and your monitor. Just sayin.

Building Check

You have probably been busy mining and uh.. mining. But do you have all the tools you need? Make sure you have a Loom, a bed made from that Loom, plenty of storage chests, a table with bottles on it or whats known to some as a alchemy station. You also should probably have constructed enough rooms at this point that you have your guide safely chained up in a room where he can’t move, a Nurse to heal you and a merchant you can sell things to.

Gear Check

Gold everything. Pickaxe, Axe, Hammer, Bow, Sword and Armor.  Trinkets kinda suck, I mean let’s be honest, you can’t really depend on getting any one specific trinket from a mob maybe except for the Shackle from the zombies. So it’s really luck of the draw when opening a chest and those silly developers went through and removed some items from the golden chests because my newly created character is rockin a Molton pickaxe and I still don’t have a lucky horseshoe. I mean wtf right? If you have managed better luck than I have then tell me how much I suck in the comments below.

Next Step

This is a huge change from what we’ve been doing to this point.

Collecting Materials

Make your way to the left or right of your base and look for some purplish pink goo covering the ground. Before you actually do that make sure you have at least 1 stack of dirt/stone about 200 planks of wood, some torches, some Sunflowers and a door if you want to be all formal about it.

Staging Area

So you have traveled through all the rough terrain and you notice the sky turn a Yellow piss color and the ground is covered in purplish pink goo and now you have some weird bodiless creators trying to get to know you more personally. Go ahead and plop down that dirt/stone and surround yourself in a makeshift house then spend a good hour building that shack into a grand palace where the floors are made out of wood planks.

Now that you have a safe house you can run to when all the baddies start to overwhelm you you should be collecting Rotten Chunks and when you can scout the ground for Vile Mushrooms.

Eater of Worlds Staging Area.

The Food

After the point when you have 15 Chunks and about 7 or 8 Vile Mushrooms you will need first make some Vile Powder from the Mushrooms on an alchemy station then take a little trip down a very large hole of darkness to find a Demon Altar and make some Worm food.

Boss  – Eater of Worlds

You should have your freshly made Worm food in your hot-bar and you should be standing in your safe house. With the door closed if you brought one.

Use the Worm food to call the Boss, a blue message will appear at the lower left-side when he spawns.  He is fairly easy to avoid and since you have a multi floor room made of wood planks you can easily maneuver to avoid taking massive amounts of damage. He likes to swirl around your character so always be swinging that sword since he can take more damage from the swords front and back hits versus using ranged here where it would only hit him in one spot.

When he’s below you he will always align his head to your feet and turn towards you if you move but he arcs and wont do a sharp turn during this charge. He will split into many pieces so you could be dealing with several smaller pieces of his body before he dies.

The spoils of War

Feel good? You should you just beat one of the first tier bosses.


Head back to your base to your furnace and smelt some of that Demonite Ore into Bars then craft yourself a Nightmare Pickaxe. This bad boy will usher you into a new world order. You should have enough left over combined with what you collected while mining to make Lights Bane and maybe 1 or 2 pieces of gear.

Ride the Hellevator

You might be wondering what exactly is a hellevator. I’m not clear who coined this term but it fits perfectly. Hellevator refers to a shaft that can be as wide as you want it but is typically only 2 blocks wide that starts at the surface and ends at the bottom of the map in the underworld or “hell”. There are a couple of tricks to getting this to work for you early on when you don’t have any trinkets which will help you negate fall damage.

Start by digging down in a straight line to a point where you either reach Hell or want to punch your monitor. Keep a mental note as to where you last saw water because when you have decided to finish you will want to fill a shallow pool of 4 blocks or so of water so when you use the hellevator you will land safely in water. You will want to test your hellevator early because it’s fairly easy to lose track on where you should be standing because some NPC knocked you off your dig path when you fell into a cave. A quick way to get back to your home base is to log out and back in.


Now that you’re rockin that sweet Nightmare Pickaxe you should be on the hunt for pools Water and Lava. When they combined they form Obsidian. You will want to set up an Obsidian farm or do it below ground and link up the two sources until you have around 200 pieces of it. The whole point of getting this stuff is to make an Obsidian Skull and to make your next set of gear, weapons and tools.

The Obsidian Skull will allow you to walk on Meteorite and Hellstone deposits without taking fire damage. Once this trinket has been equipped you will be on a Highway to hell.

The Underworld, Hell.

This is an exciting time for you because you are about to get some badass stuff once you have died about 30 times trying to get some Hellstone.

What I did was I found a building then barricaded myself into it. None of the mobs could reach me except for those damn Fire Imp’s which can blink in and out and shoot fire bolts that defy all logic and travel through everything in their path, including you. They will ultimately be the ones who lead to 85% of your deaths while in Hell.

Then I just started digging into the Ash and working myself down to the bottom of the map. Once that path was established I started on the Hellstone that was farthest down while I remained above it so I wouldn’t take damage from the Lava it spawns. I worked my way back up and during that hour of digging I had enough to upgrade to a Molten Pickaxe.

This video sums up what I just said and offers a bit more. Be aware that this video isn’t in English but I think you will get the point.

In order to smelt Hellstone you need a Hellstone Furnace and the easiest way to obtain one is to find a red building and simply mine the blocks out from under it. Take it and set it up in your base.

That’s it for part 2. I’ll be back soon with part 3. Part 3 will guide you to Terraria’s end game.

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