Massvio presents our first gaming tutorial. We love Terraria and since so many others love to play it to we wanted to share our know how with the new comers.

Starting out

Once installed and ready to go create an Avatar to your own liking then create your own world. Then load up that world. Once your avatar spawns you can find the Guide next to you who will help you understand how to craft in game items.

    Collecting Materials
    Kills slimes to get Gel add wood and you have torches.
    Use your Axe on the base of the tree to get all of its wood.
    Your Pick will remove dirt, stone and other materials.


    You can create a house out of Wood, Dirt or Stone. Make sure to either chop down a few trees or collect enough Dirt or Stone to create a floor, 2 walls, a back wall and a roof.

    Once you have your home frame constructed. You will want to create a work bench. Hit Escape which will bring up your construction options. At this point you want to build a work bench before making anything else. You need to left click the work bench icon then drag it into your inventory hot bar. Place it in the next free space which may be 7 or 8+. On your keyboard hit the corresponding number you placed that work bench in. Then align your mouse cursor to the floor and place your work bench. That’s the basis how all object placement works in Terraria.

    Construct enough material from wood or stone to create a back wall, 1 or 2 Doors, a Chair and a Table. Remove 3 blocks on either both or 1 wall to the left or right then place your Door(s) – Aim your mouse pointer to the bottom of the 4th brick. Place the Table and Chair(s) in the center of your house. Now finish up by creating some torches then place them on the walls next to the ceiling.

    This video sums up what I just said and offers a bit more. Be aware that this video was made in a much earlier version of the game.

    The World

    As you may have noticed you start the game with a Copper Axe, Pick and Sword. There are upgrades available but you need to collect materials in order to make them.

    There are also other NPC’s which will inhabit your world. To get them to spawn you will need to create more housing. Think of it as each NPC gets their own room which will need a door, 4 walls, a back wall, a table, a chair and some torches for light. In total there are currently 7 NPC’s. You should build 3 housing units at the start for a Nurse, Merchant, and the Guide. Leaving a space for yourself along with your Tools.

    This video sums up what I just said and offers a bit more. Be aware that this video was made in a much earlier version of the game.


    New tools and armor are both available by collecting Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold which are relatively easy to find starting out. Iron and Copper deposits can be found on the surface of your world if you choose to explore it in the day time. While exploring you can also find caves which will lead into the ground. These Caves sometimes will contain vases which have basic treasure in them. If you’re lucky you may find an Iron treasure chest near the opening or slightly inside the cave area. The loot inside will be tier 1 type weapons or potions, and almost always money.

    Since at this point you don’t have any armor I wouldn’t recommend you go to far down into a cave.

    If you have instead opted not to go exploring you can find a safe location on the ground to start digging. If you’re worried about unwanted guests dropping in on you while digging make sure to place a some blocks above your dig. Starting out you will want to spend a good hour collecting every material type you encounter to use with making things later. Until you get a Lucky horse shoe trinket you will want to dig in an L pattern so you can get back to your base on the surface.

    This video sums up what I just said and offers a bit more. SSoHPKC hilariously shows us how to dig underground and explore the caves.

    Crafting Upgrades

    By this point you will want to have Copper ore, Iron and maybe some Gold or Silver in your inventory. Along with some Stone. Open your crafting options and make a Furnace. This will allow you to smelt your ore into bars which are the materials you need to craft better armor, weapons and tools. Make every type of bar available. To craft these upgrades you will need to have an anvil which takes 5 iron bars to make. Early priorities are to upgrade your Pick to the highest level which is gold but if you haven’t collected enough make an Iron or Silver upgrade.

    Armor is also important as it will reduce the damage you take from the various monsters in the game. Again Gold is preferable but make armor with Copper, Iron or Silver until you have enough Gold to make it.

    These videos sums up what I just said and offers a bit more. Be aware that this video was made in a much earlier version of the game.

    Return to explore beneath the ground or go explore some caves above ground to find hidden treasures and ore deposits. Do this until you have enough raw materials to create a Head, Chest and Leg armor. Gold Pick, Gold Broadsword, and a ranged weapon of your choice.

      Early Priority List, in order.
      Gold Pick
      Gold Broadsword
      Gold Armor

      Go Forth!

      Where to go from here is up to you. You have the basics to survive for awhile at least on your own day or night. There are some key things available which makes your life much easier in the game but they are not so easy to acquire.

      1. A Grappling Hook
      2. Tier Armor and Weapons
      3. Tier Tools
      4. Trinkets
      5. Alchemy Supplies

      In the second part of this tutorial I will be covering how to acquire some of these items and how to move on to the next stage of the game.

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