New Cobalt Ore, Mythril Ore, and Adamantite Ore and how to get it, inside.

The Terraria patch 1.1 introduces Cobalt Ore, Mythril Ore, and Adamantite Ore among other things. Our guide will tell you what you need to know in order to get the Ore.

OMG what time is it? or better yet… what DAY is it? Since Terraria 1.1 was patched on Steam I created a new world and have playing since around 3pm on Thursday December 1, 2011. This latest patch has introduced new ore, bosses, and loot!

Ooh! Shiny!

First things first, you need to have your best gear dusted off and polished in order to defeat the Wall of Flesh. Wait… what’s the Wall of Flesh? It’s one of the new bosses in Hell, or the Underworld. It’s also the first step in a 2 step process to get the new ores to spawn in your world, once you have murdered him. You don’t need to create a new world, it will work in one of your existing worlds.

Molten Armor drawing by Saint 11

Though having played both since 1.1, I would recommend that you do spawn a new world, the block generation is much more interesting than the previous versions.

Hellavator to Wall of Flesh

Grab one of your many Guide Voodoo Dolls you keep next to your bed. It’s not weird to think about stabbing him with needles, repeatedly, is it? Anyway, once you’re in Hell, throw your Guide Voodoo Doll at the Lava. If you miss, which.. YOU won’t, try again. If you don’t have one, worry not, they are easy to acquire, as they are found on Voodoo Demons. They are easy to spot, they are the Demons in Hell that fly around with a Guide Voodoo Doll attached to their feet.

Once the boss has spawned one of the best strategies I have seen yet is to just use your Rocket Boots to stay above the Lava while using any powerful ranged weapon to drain the bosses health. If you don’t have Rocket Boots, then just brick off the Lava below you for a good 10 Lava pools in length, then just make sure to navigate the terrain while ranging the boss down.

Once he has been defeated he will drop a random piece of gear and a PwnHammer. A PwnHammer is the item you need in order to spawn the new ore into your world.

Cobalt Ore, Mythril Ore, and Adamantite Ore

The Pwnhammer is a new legendary hammer which is needed to smash a Demon Alter. By smashing a demon alter it then opens up new content and ore to the player.


That’s all you need to do in order to new ore to spawn. Have fun.

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