One of the most anticipated releases of the year Battlefield 3, has just gone into Beta. As usual a number of Let’s Play Authors have been chosen and subsequently have made some videos of their experiences. This is just getting started but we have found a number of videos to show you and we’ll keep the post updated with noteworthy submissions as we continue through the Beta.

  1. Sign up for the Battlefield 3 Beta –
Check out their latest trailer.

Multiplayer Beta Gameplay PC Videos

As some of the Authors below point out the Battlefield 3 Beta game review is limited to 1 map and 1 gameplay mode.

Battlefield 3 for Noobs Pt 1

This video is intended to help guys that have never played before. I had about 5 hours in the game last night when I played with friends and started to realize how long it took them to notice the health meter, spotting, etc. There is no manual or easy way to learn this other than playing EA Titles before or watching a vid like this. My goal is to help new players hit the ground running and be the kind of teammate you want. Part 2 will come tomorrow.

WTF Is…: Battlefield 3 Beta?

TotalBiscuit takes a look at what is currently available in the early-access beta, which is one map in Rush mode with no vehicles. Recorded with everything set to max (which is high in the beta, ultra while selectable doesn’t work)

Battlefield 3: Beta Commentary Video

Checking out the Operation Metro map in DICE’s anticipated shooter game Battlefield 3 with IGN in this video preview for the beta!

Battlefield 3 Beta Gameplay – BF3 Online Multiplayer Gameplay

Early Battlefield 3 Beta gameplay recording on the PC by Sebbz! The open beta for BF3 starts on Thursday 29th September allowing all Xbox, PC and PS3 users to play the game for free before release!

Battlefield 3 Beta – Day 1

First day of the beta for those with early access.


BF3: EOD bot in action (C4’s, Roadkill, soldier frying and mcom arming)

EOD bot action from BF3 Beta (pc). So you are about to see:

-cardboard box camouflaged action, teached by Solid Snake himself.
-C4 surprises for disarmers,
-roadkill with eod,
-burning enemies to the death,


Battlefield 3: No Picnic – Early Deployment Beta Gameplay

Wandering over the ridge has a bad effect for this player.

XBOX 360

Battlefield 3 Beta Multiplayer Gameplay – Xbox 360 Live

Skip to 2:20 for action to begin

Gameplay Benchmarked

Battlefield 3 Low vs High Ultra Settings PC Operation Metro w/Gameplay & Benchmark

Just a side note, the developers have stated that this is not the way the game will look when it is finally released so I will be making a new video then. Because of this the hardware requirements may be a little more power intensive for your gear.

This was filmed with with the lowest settings and resolution and then with the highest settings and resolution

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