John and Jesse join forces for the 30th installment of their Let’s play Terraria series battling a Goblin Army.

John “Totalbiscuit” Bain and Jesse Cox start out with getting a usual exciting message that the Goblin Army is approaching from the west. They quickly discover how fun it is dying several times each. We all expect these 2 to die though, don’t we? Who else do we cheer for and expect to fail with the same delight? They are hilarious to watch because of Johns dry wit and Jesse antics.

Once they actually defeat the Goblin Army invasion they go summon an Eye of Cthulhu and defeat it too. Two major events in 1 episode is a huge achievement for these guys, so my congratulations goes out to them both. Enjoy the show below.

TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox Play Terraria – Part 30 – Jesse is bad at imaginary goblins

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