Hey everyone, well I’ve been awake for a total of about 9 hours this week which made doing anything besides staring at a wall extremely difficult. I’m feeling better now so you will see regular posts again.

Hyper WTF is Star Wars : The Old Republic?

Totalbiscuit is joined by Stephen Reid (@rockjaw) for an exclusive look at Star Wars The Old Republic and the Sith Warrior starting zone, ft. in-game audio feed, full voice acting and double-British action.

Minecraft – Outside the Blocks Episode 8: Dumbledore would be proud. STUPEFY!

This week Jesse joins 3 wholesome British gents as they show him around their amazing recreation of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. Come join us on a magical adventure through minecraft! STUPIFY!

Psyberian 5

Husky and friend team up for a 2vs2.

SP Minecraft Adventure- Wood Element Part 8

I play through this adventure map about wood. Not sure why wood is an element in this, but it isn’t too bad of a map, kept me occupied.

Mass Effect 2- Adventures of Creature Shepard Episode 119 “Jack”

In this awe inspiring series, Creature Shepard journeys through the galaxy of Mass Effect in search of true victory. But, since Kootra is playing as Creature Shepard, he will only encounter cats.

Terraria – USE THE TOILET – Part 57

Toby discovers all the latest items from patch 1.0.6 including corrupted Bunnies.

Minecraft: Zeppelin Mod (Work in Progress)

Zeppelin is a mod you can use to fly ships around in the Minecraft world. It is not limited to the world grid, but can move freely in space.

Crysis 2 – Part 3: It’s a Fight! and they’re Firing!

Jesse sings to us.


Toby sings to us.

Black Ops: ZOMBIES – PRESIDENTIAL ZOMBIE – Part 6 (Toby and Cyspence Suck at Gaming)

Toby and cyspence run around in former President masks murdering Zombies

Let’s Play The Movies SE – 39 (Lighting People On Fire, BadYear Blimp)

We’re having a rough year. Not as rough as our stunt men who are being immolated more than a pissed off Buddhist monk, but, still, not a good year.

LoL: The Inhibitor Report – 8-17-2011 – Sustain Changes / Taric Ult

This show highlights what’s going on in the LoL community.

Amnesia – The Dark Descent (ft. Aevynne, Chiib, and Trish) [Part 8]

Invisable monsters are chasing down Jesse in poop water.

LGWI – Civ IV Voltron Army Short (Grimith vs. zacty)

zacty, a member of the Voltron Army, decided to challenge me to a game of Civilization IV. I – being an arrogant, pompous prick – accepted his challenge and decided to record our match for funsies.

GSPA – Delphi Mystik – G3 – Ro32 – ZvZ – StarCraft

Starcraft 2 Pro/am Matchup

Good Meets Evil: Dead Rising 2 – Episode 4

They meet up with Chad and try to complete their objective on time.

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