So much, check it out

Let’s Play Icewind Dale 100: From Cold to… Much Hotter

With the glacier area dealt with, we make preparations to head to the next area… and this new are is MUCH more dangerous.

L.A. Noire – PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT – Part 86

Toby chases down some cars then goes joy riding until the game interrupts the fun times.

SP Minecraft Adventure- Wood Element Part 5

I play through this adventure map about wood. Not sure why wood is an element in this, but it isn’t too bad of a map, kept me occupied.

Let’s Play Silent Storm: Sentinels – 38 (Panzerschmanzer, Pistol Man Has Cojones)

These pistol guys are insane. I love them. I want to keep them. I need a mediator from FF Tactics so I can recruit them and level them up and teach them to throw potions at my guys.

Let’s Play Discworld 06: But What about the Spleens?

We talk to a woman that Rincewind definitely doesn’t find attractive, as well as a few others.

Minecraft – RPGMakers Minisode: Build Day Prep

Jesse, Meeuwes, Omzit, Mike, Kiskae and an ever growing cast of characters helping to create the best RPG map ever for minecraft…

Pokemon Brown Walkthrough Part 28: Ignoring Signs

Seamus does something in Pokemon

Mass Effect 2- Adventures of Creature Shepard Episode 116 “YMIR

n this awe inspiring series, Creature Shepard journeys through the galaxy of Mass Effect in search of true victory. But, since Kootra is playing as Creature Shepard, he will only encounter cats. Enjoy everyone as I play all the way through Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 when it comes out! Oh ya, and if you have anything you want me to do specifically, make sure to leave a comment detailing said request.

L.A. Noire – DISC 3 – Part 87

Wet Clips

Terraria – UNDERWATER MINING – Part 55

Toby makes a plea to the Slime community

Black Ops: ZOMBIES – VIN DIESEL ZOMBIES – Part 4 (Toby and Cyspence Suck at Gaming)

Toby crawls and murders zombies

Dwarf Hole (Diggy Diggy Hole) Fan Song and Animation

Reck’s awesome animation to an awesome remix by PatientZero! Used with permission from the authors!

Minecraft: Tornado Mod Spotlight

A quick look at CordonFreeman’s terrifying work-in-progress mod! I’m not going to link to it because there’s no proper thread out there and you have to go through about 4 links to install it.

Crysis 2 – Part 2: IN YO FACE!

Jesse plays this graphically intense video game Crysis 2

TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox Play Terraria – Part 19 – Jesse is bad at The Life Aquatic

TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox embark on an adventure in Terraria, the side-scrolling platformer/RPG/building-game thingy.

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