Seamus goes on a rant, Simon and Lewis celebrate the Olympics coming to London, Kootra and Sp00n get pwned in BC2, PaperBatVG is back in his Minecraft adventure, experience Jesse cringe like only a grown man should and Jesse and Totalbiscuit are back in Terraria for patch 1.0.6!

Pokemon Brown Walkthrough Part 19: Rocket Warehouse

Seamus goes on a rant while playing this Nintendo classic.

Minecraft: Yog-olympics Part 1, Pig-Rodeo and Dodgit

To celebrate the Olympics coming to London in 2012, the boys change into their skintight spandex and compete against each other in specially-designed Minecraft sporting events!

Battlefield Bad Company 2 w/ Kootra and Sp00n Part 45

Here’s a small taste of Kootra and sp00n in a BC2 Multiplayer map, gettin owned.

Minecraft Survival: Facepalm Moment

PaperBatVG continues to collect materials and build up his house and he shows us what type of pet owner he really is.

Amnesia – The Dark Descent (ft. Aevynne, Chiib, and Trish) [Part 5]

Turn the lights off to experience Jesse cringe like only a grown man should in the face of the unknown.

TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox Play Terraria – Part 16 – Jesse is bad at THE HELLEVATOR

Jesse and TotalBiscuit discover some of the latest updates in Terraria from the 1.0.6 update.

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