So much going on!

SP Minecraft Adventure- Wood Element Part 6

I play through this adventure map about wood. Not sure why wood is an element in this, but it isn’t too bad of a map, kept me occupied.

Hannah Plays!: LA Noire 52: Nasty Old Man!

After an alarming discovery, Hannah goes to visit her old boss.

Mount and Blade: Warband Adventures w/ Kootra Part 47

What’s there to say, its Kootra.

Magicka : I Am The Black Power Ranger!

Pride, Pogo, Morfar, and Luke join forces in this legendary adventure of epic proportions in the world of Magicka!

Mass Effect 2- Adventures of Creature Shepard Episode 117 “STUPID YMIR MECHS!!”


Elysiam Live: World First Tarecgosa

Elysiam Live is the place for the latest news and information concerning everything from Here we go over various things that may be occurring on Shadowmoon and within our guild. We hope to provide another outlet of media for the support and reinforcement of the growth of Shadowmoon as our server for you and yours.

LGWI – Civilization IV Hannibal 009 (Picture Show)

The following footage contains a video-like substance. Viewer discretion is advised.

Let’s Play Discworld 07: Three Courses of Absurd

We go to the dining room in search of an item we need. However, we get delayed by our superiors.


Simon talks about going to Cologne for Gamescom and shows you his amazing wizard tower!

Black Ops: ZOMBIES – PILLSBURY DOUGHZOMBIE – Part 5 (Toby and Cyspence Suck at Gaming)

Toby and cyspence Suck at Black Ops: Zombies

Terraria – JOHN BASEDOW – Part 56

Skeliten Hospital

Heroes of Newerth: Master of Arms

Rythian tells Simon and Lewis about the new hero, Master of Arms! Go check him out – if you buy him early with gold, you get an alt skin!

Let’s Play Silent Storm: Sentinels – 43 (Laser Light Show, Cautious Approach, Overkill)

OH GOD NO HE’S FIRING HIS LA– hey wait, what the hell is he shooting at? Birds? He hates these birds! GET HIM!

LiquidHuk Joins team EG!

The rumors are true:

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