Another huge Post. I was browsing some websites, specifically and found some wonderful LP authors in the sub reddit Let Play. Go over there and show those guys some love <3.!

On to this huge post and by huge I mean 1 video, no no I’m joking with my dry sense of humor way, uh.. anyway. Today we have some new comers with low subscription rates but extremely entertaining non-the-less. Starting with Tobygames

Black Ops: ZOMBIES – SON OF A – Part 3 (Toby and Cyspence Suck at Gaming)

Toby and cyspence Suck at Black Ops: Zombies

Let’s Play Silent Storm: Sentinels – 36 (The Calm Before The, Oh Hey Lasers)

Jeff like lasers. He has one on his B-Ball team. So we spend a great deal of time preparing to take on the fustercluck headed our way in this ridonculous tower defense mission.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Episode 9: Jelly Pockets

Uncharted 2 is five times the mass-murdering fun. Bring a barf bag because the body count at the end of this game is going to be extraordinary. Besides, those mercenaries deserved to die.

Terraria – USELESS BABY – Part 54

Toby Explores somewhere on the map and almost dies many many times. Oh he befriends many slimes.

Minecraft – Closer to the Edge Custom Map with Luclin Part 5: Luclin Gives Up

I don’t even… Seamus is very good at jumping in Minecraft

LGWI – Civ IV Voltron Army Short (Gemhax!)

This video is a small snippet of the five hours I spent playing Civilization IV today with Gryphongod and PingZero. While I don’t think I’ll upload all of the footage (there’s some noticeable echo from Gryphon and Ping due to the amazing sensitivity of my headset microphone), I wanted to upload at least a small parcel to illustrate to the world how much Ping cheats at this game.

Mount and Blade: Warband Adventures w/ Kootra Part 39


Good Meets Evil: Dead Rising 2 – Episode 3

More pvp badness between the pair

L.A. Noire – HELLO MR. TURNER – Part 85

We jump in a bit late in his series but it’s well worth 10 minutes.

Heroes of Newerth: Rhapsody

Rythian teaches Simon all about the new HoN hero Rhapsody! She is a disco dancing, lute flailing, rainbow flinging diva baby! Yeah baby!

Mass Effect 2- Adventures of Creature Shepard Episode 115 “The Return”

Kootra is back from a break as we jump in mid way through his series.

Yog-olympics Part 4: Obstacle Course and SPLEEF Finale!

To celebrate the Olympics coming to London in 2012, the boys change into their skintight spandex and compete against each other in specially-designed Minecraft sporting events!

Condemned: Criminal Origins 11

Hannah and Simon continue their adventures in Condemned, this time they head to the department store full of creepy mannequins… some of which might be ALIVE!


Athene dream is to change the way everyone works together on youtube.

Let’s Play Icewind Dale 101: I hate the Sentinels

A new LPer to me at least, Kikoskia. They are very tough, considering how puny the salamanders are.

GSPA – Boxer vs Moonan – G1 – Ro32 – TvT – StarCraft 2

ProAm Starcraft 2 matches.

Crysis 2 – Part 1: A suit, a beer, and a dream

Over 3000 of you said play Crysis 2 – so here we go 🙂 it’s time for some violence! Sexy, sexy violence!


Husky and friends go at in this Starcraft 2 mod.

Amnesia – The Dark Descent (ft. Aevynne, Chiib, and Trish) [Part 7]

Donkey Kong barrels.

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