Gaming channels come and go, but in the end, you have forces made up of people who are driving trends on Youtube


Gaming is one of Youtube’s fastest growing segments. Getting paid for playing video games is not a new idea, but playing while talking about it is. Gamers by the millions watch other people play video games as much as they play the games themselves.

Everyday tens to hundreds of gamers dream about the idea that they might be able to make the cut and be a Youtube star. The list below contains the forerunners to this emerging genre. I round it out with a few people who could become some of the elite.

The Established

The channels listed below have been working at this in some way or another for a few years. Many have come from a tournament, podcast, or traditional broadcasting backgrounds. While others just have a natural ability to connect with other people through their voice and personality.

The channels here have set trends, earned developers respect, and have even driven games to profitability.



Louis and Simon started off by playing an assortment of video games until they finally found Minecraft. At the time Minecraft had been doing okay by itself, but once the duo started to focus on the game, their careers and Minecraft as a game took off. The primary reason why Yogscast tops this list is because they brought the idea of scripting and producing videos of Minecraft into the forefront. Many successful channels have since borrowed that idea and are now very popular because of what Yogscast helped pioneer.

Today Yogscast boasts over 20 Million subscribers across 5 channels with more than 2 Billion video views.


Total Biscuit

John has a couple of aliases including, The Cynical Brit, Totalhalibut, and TB. He spent some of his earlier careers at where he met some of his current Youtube friends. For a long time, TB went it alone and traveled to cast tournaments around the world for a variety of games. Currently, TB one of the more influential gaming channels on Youtube. He often makes compelling content and champions internet causes for gamers. He is part of Polaris, one of the founding members and publishes content to support it with Dodger, Jessie Cox and random guests in the Co-Optional Podcasts.



While Swifty doesn’t have the subscriber base as some of the others on this list, his influence is seen far and wide. Swifty is primarily known for his Warrior guides and video uploads about World of Warcraft. He has gone on to inspire many current and past Youtube stars and has established a network of fans and supporters worldwide. Switfy helped pioneer the Let’s Play Youtube advertising and sponsorships. One of his most notable achievements in this area was being one of the first gamers to get a contract with Razor and giving away thousands of Razor gear items over the past few years to his viewer base.

While John’s Youtube uploads have waned slightly recently, his Twitch presence has increased ten fold and can be found streaming 24-hour casts from his Gamer House.



Currently running 3 Youtube channels, each having its own purpose. Toby has a total of over 15 million subscribers and over 3.2 billion video views. TobyGames is his Let’s Play channel, originally helping popularize Terraria and Happy Wheels. Tobuscus is his entertainment channel which he uses to upload his ridiculous personality videos to. TobyTuner is his video log channel. If you want to get to know the real Toby and see some random animation check out this channel.

  • TobyGames —
  • Tobuscus —
  • TobyTurner —



Counted as the most popular Hearthstone streamer, his twitch and youtube presence is huge. TrumpSC lives by playing video games and works tirelessly to keep both platforms up to date. One aspect of his Twitch videos that you won’t see on Youtube are his videos of him singing popular songs.

His background includes casting Hearthstone tournaments and winning some awards at Blizzcon. His loyal fan base increases everyday and can regularly stream to 30k plus, and draw in over 60k views on his youtube videos just a day after publishing.



This guy is known as one of the best Let’s Play video makers. His videos are often liked in the tens of thousands on youtube. Brad has a unique and distinctive voice armed with a very likable personality he plays games and makes you feel like you’re in the room with him.

As a prop gag he used to be known as the gamer that threw chairs, but as his popularity increased he has settled down and now mostly just entertains us with his personality.



Athene [along with Reese] is an amazing guy because he is one of the few gamers who actively give back. Raising over $20 Million in donations in 2014, he fed thousands of children. If you are not aware of that side of Athene you may know him as the ultimate troll. He loves to fuck with people and stir up controversy regarding his personal gaming achievements in games like World Of Warcraft and Hearthstone, among others.



Felix is known for being a celebrity, video-gamer, and comedian who uploads horror based Let’s Play games. His sometimes over-the-top personality drives the videos and makes him enjoyable to watch. Felix has consistently been the most subscribed to gamer boasting over 33 Million subscriptions for the last couple years.


The breakout stars of 2013 until now are listed here. Their subscriber base isn’t as large as the established, but they are on their way.


Jessie Cox

Jessie got his start at the same time as TB at, but Jessie stuck to his path and carved out a niche of his own. Today Jessie is doing his own thing, though parting with OFMGCata and WoW, he now co-hosts Co-Optional Podcast show with TB, Danger and a random assortment of other personalities. Jessie is known as a voice actor, had an incredibly successful run at a Skyrim Let’s Play and Witcher2 where he extends his talents and has even landed a few gigs in some videos games, you may have played.


Gamebreaker TV

Before there was Twitch or even before Justin.TV had made a name for itself, Gary Gannon created Gamebreaker TV. Until recently they were using Blip.TV as their video platform. Many of the old Legendary shows are no long available to watch at – Legendary was their breakout hit which helped popularize the small gaming empire they were about to create. Some early stars including MikeB and Lore would sit in with Gary and discuss the latest news on the popular game World of Warcraft.

After some issues regarding monetization, Gary has dropped, and now moved Gamebreaker TV video services to Youtube. As of Jan 2015 and this post they have 14 thousand subscribers. Undoubtedly they will reclaim their status in this medium in 2015.



Sips has his hands in all sorts of games and his unique voice and delightful personality makes him very easy to watch and listen to.



A very smart and funny guy, angry joe uses his rough stern personality to communicate his personal feelings to gamers worldwide.



He got started his broadcasting career after he got a chance to cast ESGN TV’s Fight Night Hearthstone. After which he got opportunities to cast other tournaments and his Youtube and Twitch channels started to take off. Unlike TrumpSC, Krip rarely posts loosing videos on his Youtube channel which has been propping up his legendary status as a HearthStone player.



Ghostrobo has been growing rapidly. When I discovered his channel he had around 600k subscribers and as of Jan 2015 he is now close to 1.2 Million. Ghost mirrors lots of the same games TheRadBrad plays, often giving viewers a new perspective. He is different and in ways that you might not expect. He will dive into playing Wii U as well as do some of his personal video blogging on his main channel.



Ahoy as he goes by now has some amazing content on his channel. He likes to produce content in which he finds specific topics to cover and then will follow up with a series of videos. An example of that is covering guns in games like TitanFall, or doing a series of videos with amazing art direction on the history of video games.

He has a total of 4 channels right now. Ahoy2 features videos which answer questions posed to him via twitter and some Let’s Play videos. AhoyReto is for older Let’s Play titles and finally his DrinksAhoy channel is dedicated to talking about beer.

  • Ahoy —
  • Ahoy² —
  • RetroAhoy —
  • DrinksAhoy —



Vanoss usually groups up with some friends and then lightly scripts out what they want to accomplish and then roughly do it. His videos generally provide a good show because of all the guests he brings in. Think of Vanoss as a Let’s Play channel with friends.



Jack has an explosive personality. His Irish background and accent help bring his Let’s Play videos some depth. He often plays Happy Wheels and can be found to collaborate with other Youtube personalities.


Sky Does Minecraft

Sky is in a group of players who join Minecraft servers to compete or set objectives and complete them all while have a great time doing it. Some of the more popular video series he runs are, Finish the story!! and LoveCraft.



Known for mostly his Grand Theft Auto V scripted videos Hike has also done some Minecraft videos. Lots of his GTA V and Online videos consist of funny moment recap videos.



Frankie is known for his compilation videos in a variety of games he plays including: Arma 3, Day-Z, and other well-known first person shooters. His about profile on his gaming channel sums it up nicely. “The best place for Funny Moments, the Best Upcoming Games, Epic Laughs and Surviving in the Wild!”.

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