Halo 4: Jump in as a Spartan one more time!

After being a faithful Halo player since the birth of the series, I knew I would be picking up this title just the same. After playing it for the last several days, I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it pretty thoroughly. I’m not going to touch on the story for the campaign, as I haven’t finished it yet. However, my primary purpose for picking up any game is the multiplayer. For starters, I’m glad they’ve kept the no frills match making system from the previous games. In my opinion the Halo series has consistently had a sound multiplayer lobby, and I think it works fairly well. Being able to select the game type only and letting the system do the rest keeps the experience stream lined and effective. Speaking of game types… what are they?

Game Start!


They have kept some of the genre standards such as capture the flag and team death match, along with some of the Halo classics like odd ball and big team battle. Personally I enjoy the objective game types like capture the flag and odd ball, They give me and my friends a chance to work in a more strategic mind set. Big team battle is another personal favorite because it tends to mix those objectives with vehicular combat, switching the strategy up again; for this installment 343 has included the usual assortment of vehicle and made an addition as well, more on that later. Dominion, however, takes the cake by combining all the best parts of death match and objective into one.

In dominion, the teams fight for control three base locations. Once controlled, the bases can be fortified, which adds cannons and barriers to the structure; also allowing for the spawning of vehicles. Imagine conquest mode from Battlefield 3 for a good point of reference. In fact, this game type doesn’t seem to be the only thing that the people over at the studio have borrowed from other games. In game modes like dominion and infinity slayer, if the player accumulates enough points through kills or other objectives, they can receive a support package (Call of Duty anybody?). In fairness, the support drops here in Halo are much less ridiculous than their CoD brethren; offering up a choice of a power-up, powerful weapon, or another less powerful weapon. They keep the fight moving, but don’t make the battle one sided. Honestly I’m glad that Halo has hi-jacked some of these subtle mechanics form other games and tuned them for themselves.



Another feature from previous Halo games was the ability to customize your armor, which has come back as expected with some interesting, yet not traditional looking, new armor pieces. One more thing you now have the ability to customize is your load out. very similar to Call of Duty or Battlefield, you are able to edit up to five load outs by changing primary and secondary weapons, grenades and armor abilities along with a few other things. These customized load outs can be used through most of the multiplayer games and offer a welcome alternative to the built-in presets. Personally I setup one for each game mode; generally having one for distance support and one for quick in and out attacks on the flag.

The only way for you to find out what really works for you is to just jump in and try them out; but the one good thing I can say is, at least there is no armor lock!


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