Diablo 3 has gone into Beta and a number of Let’s Play Authors have been pumping out videos since release. This is simply a list of those videos all in one place.

Class Play


Yes, I managed to acquire a beta key for Diablo III. I am VERY EXCITED! I didn’t think I’d be able to share this, but my Beta key came along with a message from Blizzard saying “feel free to share videos and screencaps and etc with the world” SO I AM DOING THAT!!

Diablo III Beta Video Series – Witch Doctor Gameplay/Skills, 1st Quest/Story Line Overview

Ruin Gaming showcases Diablo III gameplay and crafting information. Thriius plays the Witch Doctor class, early abilities and skill trees, and the initial game quest/story lines are on display.

Diablo III Beta – Full Playthrough in HD (1080p) – Witch Doctor

A long video of gameplay

Diablo III F&F Beta — Demon Hunter — Den of the Fallen HD

Den of the fallen is a random zone that spawns when you’re heading to the cathedral crypts to find the crown.

Diablo 3 Beta – Monk Gameplay – Old Tristram (Commentary)

Diablo 3 Beta gameplay casted by Hunter.

Aution House

Diablo 3 Beta Auction House

Quick look at the d3 Aution House in Beta

Diablo 3 Beta Auction house and TTTT Megalodon giveaway!

Hey guys, just a quick preview of the auction house in the diablo 3 beta. Also you can win the razer megalodon headset.

To win the headset make sure you are subscribed to my channel. Also fav and like the video and post a comment. I will randomly chose the winner from the comments, good luck and have fun.

Diablo 3 Beta AH First Look – Part 6

Diablo 3 Beta AH is now live! Maintenance is up and AH is live, just caught this on the streams about the very new and buggy Auction House. Enjoy.


Diablo 3 Beta – Wizard – Skeleton King Quest

You wouldn’t believe what goes on under the Cathedral near Tristram in Diablo

Diablo 3 Beta Wizard Gameplay – Ending Quests Part 1

Yet again more Diablo 3 Beta gameplay featuring the Wizard. The first minute or so was from an earlier play through and it got added to the final video on accident and I was just to lazy to re-save and re-upload the video.

General Videos

Diablo: Beta: Co-op Part 1: Monkeydew, Zombie Dogs and Frogs

Lewis and Simon finally have beta keys, so here’s the first part of our beta playthrough! Enjoy!

Diablo 3 Beta – Monk – 1200 Exp Combo

This shows two instances of a rare event in the crypts and the ridiculous bonus exp you can get by killing stuff quickly.

Diablo 3 – Beta Footage – Gameplay

A sneak peak at the Diablo 3 Beta! The first of many in the coming months.

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