Introducing Months Behind featuring I wanna be the Guy, a hilarious Let’s Play video.

This week I’m introducing some new posts. Every Wednesday starting today I’ll be creating a post called Months Behind. This new post type will contain not only some of the best Let’s Play videos but many if not all will be very funny, to me at least. I only started this site in July of this year and many of the classic YouTube Let’s Play videos were created long before I started, and this is me, catching up.

Today I bring to you two videos from MegaUltraJMan playing a downloadable game called, I Wanna Be The Guy. Links are below. They are short and vulgar but worth every minute. Enjoy the videos.

There are 2 versions of the Download.

I Wanna Be the Guy (Slo Mo) – 68.8 MB

This version of the game slows down the action when your CPU is overtaxed! It also avoids possible glitches with platforms that happen during extreme frame loss!

I Wanna Be The Guy (Frame Skip) – 68.8 MB

This version skips frames when your CPU can’t draw them all! This is probably the best version for fast computers!

Let’s Play I Wanna Be The Guy 17 Sanity On Vacation (UltraJMan Reupload)

Let’s Play I Wanna Be The Guy 07 Sanity Gone (UltraJMan Reupload)

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