Laugh at these tools inside.

These two guys can be very funny with their antics and especially funny when they are scared during a play-through.

Andrew “Barley” started in 2008 making machinima, notably for Resident Evil 2 called the Raccoon City Stories. He then later started doing Let’s Plays with his friend Spike and in so doing that it lead them to create this channel, Spike & Barley.

Check out their website

Amnesia: Staying Alive (AWESOME EDITION)

This certainly is not their most popular video but indeed one of the funniest ones.


Sven Co-Op: Afraid of Monsters (Part 1)

This is their most popular video to date.


Favorite Moments – June 2011

For awhile there they were putting together reviews of the past month. This one highlights their best moments.


Grand Theft Auto IV (Part 1)


Nightmare House 2 (Part 1)

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