Pixel Legion is a service that we are testing with gamers and professional gamers. Our idea covers the ever-expanding world of online education for video games. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of online resources available to anyone at any skill level for free. Our service will also have free resources available. The difference between us and those other resources is that you will be getting our advice or direction from a professional gamer that is being paid to play or has been.

Like I said earlier, we are testing which to us means alpha. If you have any interest in this please contact us at beta@pixellegion.com

We are also conducting a survey. If you would like to help us there please use this link. https://pixellegion.typeform.com/to/Y7jE19

Because Massvio and Pixel Legion are owned by the same group you will see further updates about Pixel Legion here in the future.

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