Mike Blackney the creative director for Dead Static Drive has been busy creating a few GIF previews of the upcoming release of the game. If you have been following the development you will know there has been very little in terms of specific details released about the game to date.

This tweet is the latest GIF to date, While the GIF’s below have been getting slowly released.


A character running around while exploring a campsite


Chainsaw test


Standing in a meadow

Getting Gas

This is by far my favorite as it shows the developers sense of humor. Needed in a world based on fear.


This movie gives you a sense of the world, it’s colors, how you interact with the enviroment while in a car. So cool.

Car derby

They are working and revising various parts of the graphics and this shows the awesomeness of vehicles smashing into one another.

More Chainsaw Action

The amount of weapons in this game seems endless, however it also seems like a chainsaw will be a mainstay weapon which we will rely on heavily.


Again, another hilarious scene in which we get to see some sillyness while experiencing another cool aspect of the game.

More Weather Variations

I’ve exposed a lot more variety to the weather system, so overcast days get rain and sunny days get heat, and each gets their own specialized tone mapping. It’ll allow more variety to be added really easily now, too

Stabby stabby

Stabbing weapon animation tests!

Flashlight and MAC 10

Dual wielding test – these animations weren’t designed to go together but I’m thinking I’ll see if I can make it work because it feels badass


A scenecap from Dead Static Drive – outside a motel with an axe and a bad feeling


This is a pretty over-the-top demo, but I’ve added a linear screenshake for weapon firing

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