Elder Scrolls MMO announced

Elder Scrolls MMO RPG Bethesda’s New Cash Cow

So it would seem as of this last weekend that the boys over at Zenimax figured out a new way to eek a little more cash out of the Elder Scrolls franchise, an MMO RPG. Granted I’ve pretty much loved everything Elder Scrolls related, but I’ve never been big on MMO’s and I’m skeptical, along with the rest of the gaming world, about whether or not an Elder Scrolls MMO is necessary. So, with that in mind, it comes to question what about the MMO formula is Zenimax going to do differently? Is it going to be similar to other heavy hitters like WoW, SWTOR or Guild Wars 2, behaving and looking similar while wearing an Elder Scrolls skin?

I think these questions weigh heavy with gamers and especially developers. The unique setting of the Elder Scrolls universe is something we’ve all come to know and love, maybe a little too well at times (you know it’s bad when you could more easily pass a Skyrim geography test than one of the United States). But, this love is a definite boon to the Elder Scrolls, as they can probably bank on fanboys like me to at the very least buy it and try it. So aside from the setting, what kind of offerings can Zenimax make to get people into the game and to more importantly stay. Obviously they want their piece of the MMO pie. But, with big titles established in the MMO realm, they’re going to have to set themselves apart from the crowd. SO… how are they going to do that?

Well according to a Game Informer article we’ll be able to play as one of three factions vying for the throne of the Emperor. So from my understanding, one player can sit on the throne and act as emperor while the rest of his/her faction does his bidding and dukes it out PvP in Cyrodiil. That sounds pretty cool, but on a more generic note, the game will have “solo questing, public dungeons, and the daedric prince Molag Bal” trying to yank Tamriel into the daedric realm. This all sounds great, BUT there are still a LOT of details needed to be covered. So we’ll just have to stay tuned for more announcements from Zenimax. The game as of now is slated for release in 2013. I’ll just take up a hobby in the meantime.

Check out the trailer below, which sounds like it’s voiced by Michael Gambon. He’d make quite the narrator, aside from sounding like he’s about to choke on his jowels.

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