Jesse enjoys the partying and gets kicked off the set!

Our good friend Jesse Cox along with thousands of others are in California for the 2011 Blizzcon. Videos have been pouring out of the event area even before it’s actual begun. Jesse sat down along side Gary Gannon, Mike B and some unknowns for the Wow insider, Wowhead, Gamebreaker TV meetup. Lots of informal conversations we’re happening until Jesse and a couple of others were asked to give up their seats for random people.

It was kind of exciting to see all these internet famous gaming insiders together at first but the dream encounter I had in my head never played out. Instead it was a brief uncomfortable meet up which lasted just a few minutes. Fortunately for us a guy was able to snag a clip of the actual meet-up which is featured as the first video below. The last one is a brief clip from Jesse himself of his first day before Blizzcon 2011.

Blizzcon 2011 Meetup: Featuring Jesse Cox (OMFGcata)

Jesse Cox made an appearance at the Wow insider/wowhead/gamebreaker TV/ *insert forgotten hosts here* meetup the night before Blizzcon 2011. Pull up a chair and pour yourself a beverage, stay awhile, and of course, listen. For he has words of wisdom for all to enjoy.

Blizzcon Vlog Day 0 – Jesse in YO face! (Now with more Car Shufflin’)

It’s…a vlog! Kinda… Jesse enlightens you on some Thursday fun, but really doesn’t say much of anything.

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