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“Nervousness” According to a recent blog post made by the man himself, Notch.

Next week the Minecraft conference, Minecon is taking place in Las Vegas, NV from November 18th to the 19th. It also means Mojang will release the official full version of Minecraft 1.0.

We’ll keep working on Minecraft for a long time after the full release, but it’s a huge milestone.

Notch went on to say.

That milestone also means people might start reviewing the game. There have been a few reviews already, but I have a feeling most people are waiting for the full release.

After all this time in beta, it is hard to believe that the internet will be awash with Minecraft reviews and scores from all the various gaming outlets. But this and a couple other things is what’s making Notch nervous.

You can read the entire blog post on The world of Notch

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